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  1. Thanks for your detailed replies. Not intending to do much mod or race driving in Singapore. I'll gocart for that. Just want the control, comfort and safety I can see the retail price difference between a Corrolla and A180, which can be budgeted before hand. But not sure about the other expense difference..Do not want to be surprised by the maintance/repair bill.
  2. Hi all, Considering A180/200 here. Any upgraders from Jap/Kr car here? Would like to hear from your experience. Putting the down payment and monthly loan aside, what would be the montly "top up" for the A180/200 compared to say Corolla/Elentra? Travel 50 to 70 KM per day. Assuming service at agent in warranty, outside after 3 yrs "Top up" including regular service, insurance, etc. Thanks!
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