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  1. Michelin Pilot Super Sport 18 inch 225 40 18 245 35 18 Oz Ultraleggera rims 8J x 18H2 Offset 35 Fits cars like Scirocco, Passat, Audi TT Currently fitted on SLK 200 5 months old rims and tyres. Original rims much lighter than stock rims. Price:$1,800 negotiable for serious buyer Please contact 81617316
  2. Got my c180k tuned by Benny some time in November 2016. Before the tuning started, on different occasions, we discussed several different options to cater to my budget and also to see what else could be done to improve the performance. After i decided and throughout the entire tuning process, he also took time to explain what he was doing and why he was doing it. Which i felt enhanced the customer service factor also. Immediately after tuning, the car felt much more lively and more willing to move when i stepped harder. Definitely very happy with the results. Now its been 2 months and cuz i'm greedy for more, will be going back again soon to see what other options are available to me.
  3. Hi bros, Looking to sell 2 pieces of Michelin ps4 225/40/18. Installed on 31st Oct, driven less than 2000km. Changing because want to go for 235 instead. Looking at about $150 or so per tyre. Negotiable. Please PM if interested. Thanks!
  4. Have you gone to check with man exhaust? Were you able to get a deal?
  5. 1) snsd555 2) chris 3) keltanky 4) markcwq 5) odessus 6) darksaint 7) melvsee 8) zeenie 9) roberthatwork 10) Sayaret 11) asteroids 12) Sagiko 13) Raymond kcgoh 14) Camber53 15) AlexLee1911 16) undercoverbeast1911 17) BabyA 18) Johng (TJ) 19) Jon (try my best) 20) deryklascanzi 21) Blackmercs 22) Tekku 23) yc3333 24) J&E (try to make it) 25) ron5000 (try to make it) 26) jrmy (try to make it)