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  1. Review are mostly taken as a pinch of salt, U wun noe who’s behind those write up. forum discussion like dis are more acceptable. As the name suggest VAG is more for vw & perhaps some audi too. But of course,u bring money there ,am sure ,they wun reject u. Sure dey have dabs in MB before ,Reckon most workshop also have but are they more specialise? u tell me? I would rather go to the tried & trusted ,recommended ones. Forget abt kompressor,used to b alrite but afraid,not anymore.. u can see my earlier post ? recommended a few ,in my time. cheers
  2. Some update........ on old mb workshop *balmoral auto ,in Dunearn ,mr foo is the boss ,nice 70 plus guy but he dun do the repair. ah Kheng as I previously mention have taken a break. *Tech Choon. From Kranji ,the boss ,mr Wong owns three w124 is good @ tuning the 8v. The rest of the so call old mercs wshop are basically service & replace part NOT much of a trouble shooting. Been to jb a couples of times,not worth the time.juzz recently been to one of the reputable shop before shutdown. My bill was 911rm ,work out to be 300plus sin but I spend something like 3/4 of the day there! think probably I need to add another 100 bucks if I do it locally but will be done in 2 hours ,if u are the first customer. dun fancy going there anymore. did I mention my bad x’perience the last time? atf change from another reputable shop,didn’t drive the whole weekend,Monday morning found a pool of oil under! Tow to my regular ,ya ya I remember Balmoral,found the pan gasket torn but I did Check it’s a MB part before Dey install. well,my Mechanic says could be bogus or fake MB part. well well well
  3. Why PM? Post it here ,for everybody to see anwae ,what’s autolamp?
  4. Ok many ppl recommend K.Y ,I did check them out recently with my older mercs but dey dun seems keen on the older ones. I might try another time with my newer ones but I might NOT b too keen with them anymore. was told specifically dey do dabble on the older ones as well. I can bring new & old to G6 & tech choon,no problems,reckon ,if wshop starts to choose what dey wans in their workshop,dat will be a big issues!
  5. Which workshop are u talking about? Always believe good workshop u post here ,bad ones ,u also must do the same or was it shame? Why try carousell for the list of workshop? Down here sgmerc recommendation is plenty & there’s actual ppl who try it out. carousell?u onli read the review,haha.
  6. Good to hear dat ,u have sort it out & keep us update. I realli dun like ppl who post their car problem here & ask for recommended wshop & disappear from the scene! I believe there’s must be some sort of closure,u can’t juzz take something & act like dats nothing happened! But u didn’t mention which wshop u go to? So everything A ok,then........
  7. Thanks kepiting 1 sg for dis friendly x’change of views. yes,basically I go see & see ,it’s all for the xentry update. mine’s no more warranty ,so basically I onli go back once a year. pandan loop,no no no,thank u ,veri much. leave a bitter taste in my mouth. I ‘m rather surprise u actually try to x’plain my 5 points of contention,as a neutral. Good job of even trying, I will stick to my Ubi side,if I ever go back.
  8. Good to see u saying good things abt C&C . Many ppl onli complain here when service is bad but when it’s good........ The 5 issues ,I have with Pandan loop is..... # my online booking for a service slot is @ 9am. My car onli wheel in @ close to 11,after twice chasing the SA. # My floor mat,the plastic tray type “disappear” after I collected my car,found wrap up in my boot,I ask why,Dey told me it’s for safety reason! my car have the floor mounted accelerator pedal unlike the A,A,CLA # I was billed for something & it was NOT being communicated. # my instrument panel was changed to MPH ! # my trip meter is being tampered with to 000 I have written to customer service,Asst mngr svc ,mngr svc without a proper explanation. Keep apologising & ask what can I do for u? To be fair to the SA Yee vong ,she have no control over all dis issues. How can I escalate dis further? To mercedes ,Stuttgart Germany any feedback guys/gals
  9. It’s not advertising or self promoting realli. its dat monkey see,monkey do ,type of syndrome. Actually the PM thingy realli started with the wshop/dealer or the business side of it,those are there to protect their own Interest,price wise. But for us,the more info the merrier Another bad practise in the forum is ,ppl noes how to enquire but dey dunno how to update. Forumers also interested to noe ,is dis recommendation is as good as it is? U mention C&C? dey realli got indifferent result,I used to go to Ubi side,pretty alrite ,recently juzz check out Pandan loop side,it’s worse of the worse! i go in once ,I’m back with 5 issues,complain here & there ,my mail to SA supervisor,svc ass mngr,svc mngr, customer rep,still not settle. and we are NOT talking abt price,I noe it’s pricey but must also have some std mah,haiz. specialise wshop is a must,dun think u fancy somebody doing trial & error on yr pride & joy. G6 & tech choon are the better ones.
  10. Dun PM here PM there. juzz put it out there for everybody to see? Dis is not a business network where price & workmanship have to keep under wraps. Juzz bcos everybody seems to be doing it ,we follow blindly! kompressor NOT the better wshop around,more into older mercs with less electronic. Generally ,there’s 2 type of shop,for the older ones & the newer one. If somebody tells u ,it’s the same,u gotta think again. cos I have an old one & a newer ones ,Dey are diagnose differently,u can’t realli mix them around. Anwae,it’s a good price ,it’s oredi done ,should be good👌
  11. What am I trying to say is ,if u fancy a 124 cos it’s the cheapest way of driving in sg,u are wrong. yup ,the spares are cheap & surprising it’s still available ,normally all the oem but still MB parts available & there’s always propel,not cheap but another source of spares. the consumption is terrible ,I got something like 1 litres 6.5 km but there again it’s 30 yrs old & in 1989 ,who bother abt petrol,it’s dirt cheap then. well ,I dun use often ,got another merk as a daily driver,so no problem. i dun think it will hit 200 but dats not the point. workshop? the best is tech choon in Woodlands. jb? i have bad x’perience,so not gonna go there.
  12. the 16v got more power & everything ,fully computerised ,so no need to touch anything. the 8v is more basic,u can tune but believe or not,more ppl into dis. the tech choon boss owns three 124 ,8v ! Need I say more?
  13. Good on ya👍 Keep the spirits alive. Juzz the other day,when going to TTSH @ the lights ,a couple commented,WOA a classic,nice car,Dey said to me. i give them a thumbs up.Later I drove in to the taxi stand,abt 30 ppl stare in awe,apparently i’m the only car,no cabs,no nothing. ppl finger pointing,couples turn their head & whispering something to their other half. its like a scene in time tunnel(some shows back then,depicting time travel)I feel good. actually,I feel good for the whole day!
  14. Thanks bro u still got the SLK? whats the name of the shop in SM autocity? do u go to them for service or juzz the roof. thanks for the heads up.
  15. I’m collecting a 2008 CLK200 next week. the dealer show me the bill,the previous owner change the cylinder dat controls the soft TOP opening/closing. I was wondering any CLK specialist wshop around who’s x’pert into dis kind of thing(s) thanks in advance.
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