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  1. What am I trying to say is ,if u fancy a 124 cos it’s the cheapest way of driving in sg,u are wrong. yup ,the spares are cheap & surprising it’s still available ,normally all the oem but still MB parts available & there’s always propel,not cheap but another source of spares. the consumption is terrible ,I got something like 1 litres 6.5 km but there again it’s 30 yrs old & in 1989 ,who bother abt petrol,it’s dirt cheap then. well ,I dun use often ,got another merk as a daily driver,so no problem. i dun think it will hit 200 but dats not the point. workshop? the best is tech choon in Woodlands. jb? i have bad x’perience,so not gonna go there.
  2. the 16v got more power & everything ,fully computerised ,so no need to touch anything. the 8v is more basic,u can tune but believe or not,more ppl into dis. the tech choon boss owns three 124 ,8v ! Need I say more?
  3. Good on ya👍 Keep the spirits alive. Juzz the other day,when going to TTSH @ the lights ,a couple commented,WOA a classic,nice car,Dey said to me. i give them a thumbs up.Later I drove in to the taxi stand,abt 30 ppl stare in awe,apparently i’m the only car,no cabs,no nothing. ppl finger pointing,couples turn their head & whispering something to their other half. its like a scene in time tunnel(some shows back then,depicting time travel)I feel good. actually,I feel good for the whole day!
  4. Thanks bro u still got the SLK? whats the name of the shop in SM autocity? do u go to them for service or juzz the roof. thanks for the heads up.
  5. I’m collecting a 2008 CLK200 next week. the dealer show me the bill,the previous owner change the cylinder dat controls the soft TOP opening/closing. I was wondering any CLK specialist wshop around who’s x’pert into dis kind of thing(s) thanks in advance.
  6. Hi dis post is like loooong time back. conincidentally ,I am picking up a 2008 CLK200 model next week saw yr smart TOP accessories,like opens & close the roof plus the single fin grille. any bros here,noes where to get those. any specialise wshop into CLK? thanks in advance gong Xi gong Xi
  7. When comes to soft TOP .there’s always dis place,cushion 8 do all kinds of cabriolet but I have bad vibes of the place. i lost my cash card while doing my R57 ! well...........
  8. How’s the repair so far? i’m collecting one too ,probably next week any workshop most CLK owners goes too? not new to mercs but reckon should b some sort of specialisation. my newer ones , chip soon ,accord,JKS lah my classic mercs u gotta go to another kind of shop,notice it’s always in petrol kiosk like Balmoral auto etc etc Now dis CLK,any recommendation?
  9. The 200E or E200 is the last of the mohigans ,dey dun make dis anymore,the last of the over engineer car,blah blah blah. Guess what? I juzz bought one! I knew of its existence,its one of dis, dat accompanied me on my big day(wedding) Their understated beauty, outspoken elegance, evident stateliness and solidity, pursuit of perfection and the accompanying underlying power all spoke to me . & I gotta get one. One of those lazy midweek afternoon,I was surfing sg carmart and I come across a 29yrs old w124 with.........wait for it ONE owner,nearly fell off my chair! Flew down the shop ,make some arrangement to get an x'pert inspected & before I realised, I'm scribbing a cheque.22nov2018 When I drive off from dealer,tot I will horn @ & been flash along the way but well,it can keep up with traffic. One thing I noticed abt dis classic from mercedes,it have a veri heavy throttle,did check with the wshop boss, he told me,dat era the accelerator pedal is connected with a cable unlike now its all drive by wire. and dis type of cars are own by huge Germans. Some side story? Surprise surprise dis car was stuck in the dealer floor for a good 3 Mths & dey actually lower the price, to get it to shift & in between dat,it was Loan to MediaCorp for a local film the fifth floor,can see in toggle. Most 200E in sg carmart have 6 or more than 6 owners ,so as u can see,it got my name on it,from day one. Its been in 2 wshop to get everything freshen up,change dis,change dat,been up to Kranji to pick some used parts & as we speak, its in the paint shop for a change in Color. Most 124 in dis era ,come with 2 tone paint & mine no ,dun fret,lets sort dis out. U might not have see me but I'm grinning from ear to ear.
  10. There's a few local classic mb x'pert for u to check dat out? •Esso 30 Durearn Rd s309425 see mr Ho The moment u drive in ,u see whole lots of mercs of various Models in the courtyard,straight away,u noe u will b in safe hands. Dis fella not only see to yr pride & joy,he's also give u advice. The best thing abt ah Kheng(his other name)is he also do the repair,not everything is replaced. •Shell 150 Bukit Timah Rd,229846 Boss Richard owns two w124 and notice he dabs with a few classic as well but he dun talk much ,he usually troubleshoot & replace.he's the one I go to inspect my 124 prior to buying. Best 60 bucks I ever spend,jack it up,go thru the car & give it a spin as well.even list down the fault he pick up. Lucky there's only a few,mine 200E is in pretty good nick. •zen auto,heard its pretty good.i intend to check out all those shop.i loves to go workshop! •Kek seng auto parts and trading 50, Jalan Shahbandar 8, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, 81300 Skudai, Johor Heard a lot abt dis shop ,dey dismantle scrap mercs ,something like propel in Kranji but dey do repair & some tuning. Heard a few tweek from their tau chew(chief Mechanic) improve the fuel consumption considerably. Dis is NOT the usual mb shop dat ppl goes to but highly recommended for ppl in the noe. But of coarse u must LIKE propel fb,so dat u can b updated with the type of mercs dey are scrapping & u can liase with them on what part u Wan. As I mention in the veri beginning ppl here have not realli dabs into the classic scene yet. Its veri vibrant & dynamic,one thing u must not afraid, is to get yr fingernail dirty.
  11. Ali anything under 4 figures is good price. good for u to share
  12. Dun say I agree with u there. believe good stuff ,got to share likewise if u have any bad x'perience put it out in the open& we discuss. the reason behind dis PM thingy is quite typical of the local culture here,monkey see,monkey do, NOT advertising or promoting as u mention. everybody buy from dis stall,it must b good! mb simple to service ,NO,toyota is simple or most Japanese or Korean. its a premium product after all,dun think u fancy any wshop who do a trial & error on yr mb. we dun visit ws every month,why u wan's to gamble,stick with the specialise mercs shop,dats all I can says.
  13. Can u elaborate? which workshop,the damage for all & sundries Who is interested. dun keep it to yrself?
  14. Good👍 for u to point dat out. sometimes all dis shop USED to b good but as many things in life ,it's revolving. I always like to compare it to Football,sometimes u win ,sometimes u loose ,other time draw! yup,expose them. dats what the www is all about. it can bring joy & grief in equal measure!
  15. Yup the biggest bug bear in the earlier C class its dis problem. its a 4 figure damage,mind u. Its a veri good car,see so many on the road,used to owns one of the earliest with the kompressor engine. Guess ,dats the reason dey go keyless ,no needs to shaft it in & twist. any guys who contemplates dat period of the 204 preown ,u must try to cover dat in yr warranty or purchase from republic,the wing man of see&see. i go back c&c do,ya ya ,u might as well try JKS now dey got offer. even original mercs part got promo. do it fast,think ending in December.
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