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  1. You can't buy it anywhere. It's unique to C&C.
  2. 1) They have enough margin to do $20k OT if they want. 2) OT valid only if you trade in your car with them. And they can always take your car in at a lower price to compensate.
  3. First few times, I wash myself. After that, too lazy and just send to petrol kiosk.
  4. The rims on the E200 AVG is 266.18 euros per piece and the rims on the E250 AVG is 332.85 euros per piece.
  5. Indeed very nice, but costly. There are Chinese replicas that come quite close, and without having to code.
  6. Negligible effect. Just aesthetics. The only difference you will feel is probably turning radius become bigger. If you want to change to staggered config, do it for aesthetics reasons. If you do it for safety or performance reasons, you will not feel any significant difference. For performsnce cars we can go into endless debates whether staggered config is necessary, with strong proponents on both sides. But for our non-AMG W213, there is no need to waste time debating. It's just aesthetics.
  7. For the speed we are driving in Singapore, staggered wheels are just for aesthetics.