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  1. Exactly, once you see it, you see it all the time and it becomes irritating. And I have OCD hahaha
  2. It will not show up I think. It has to be dark and with the ambient light before it becomes obvious.
  3. Coincidentally, I sent the car in just two days ago for them to fix the problem and the steering column problem. I just took back the car two hours ago. They replaced the steering column adjustment motor. But for the panel, what they discovered is that it is more than a scratch. There's also what looks like some melted plastic, which they couldn't remove. So they are going to order another panel for me. So that will take another 3 weeks.
  4. Yes, those are RFTs. Surprisingly comfortable and quiet. But then I came from 20" rims with ultra low-profile tyres on my last ride.
  5. All merc (especially E-class) owners are ah pek by definition. It's only a matter of young ah pek or old ah pek
  6. Haha. Many more gurus here The checklist helped me identify some issues I would have missed, but I still end up missing some of them, like the ambient light.
  7. Hope yours is trouble free. Spend more time checking when taking delivery. Don't rush to drive off. Use the attached checklist as a start. 17 E Checklist.pdf