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  1. Set of 4 genuine 19” Mercedes-Benz AMG rims for GLC. Non-staggered configuration. Some rash as shown in the pictures. Fits GLC and E-class W213. Currently fitted on a W213. 8x19ET38 255/35/R19
  2. Wow, Merc888! You are very careful with your tests indeed! Well done! Thanks again for sharing, and keep them coming!
  3. Thanks, Merc888, for sharing your detailed tests. It confirms for the n-th time that if your car is spec-ed to RON 95, don’t waste money on 98. One must also not discount the possibility of placebo effect. Because if you pump 98, you will expect it to be more responsive and hence you go gentler on the paddle, and thereby saving fuel. I’m not saying in Merc888’s study that’s the case. His study is pretty comprehensive. But I have known people who succumb to placebo. A much fairer test would be to go blind pumping. Ask your wife or friend to pump for you, without them telling you what petrol they pumped. But kudos for sharing an already great study with the W213 owners here! Thanks!
  4. This question has been answered to death here and in other forums. If your car is spec-ed to 95. Don’t waste money on 98.
  5. swissfondue


    Basically yes, with some extras from E43 and E63 bodykit, such as the boot spoiler, rear fender flaps, front lower grill flaps, side skirt trim. You can read more on my mod here:
  6. Hi! Glad you find the post helpful. My parts are all original. The original front lower grill comes in either black or with chrome trim. The chrome trim is not an add-on. However, if you are considering replica, then there are china chrome trims that you can buy to stick on. But I personally find them damn ugly.
  7. My original ride is an E250 Avantgarde, delivered April 2017. The pics before installing the AMG bodykit are here: I had the idea of an AMG bodykit conversion very early on, even before collection of my car (I like modding, and I think you can tell from my postings). But I had to wait for more parts information to be available before beginning on my project. There are two AMG bodykits to pursue: 1) The AMG bodykit that is on the E43. And this is exactly the same as the AMG-line on the E2XX and E300, except for four details: the front grill on the E43 is the diamond grill the front bumper lower grills on the E43 have side flaps the tail pipe chrome tip on the E43 is quad-looking (I said quad-looking because unlike the E63, it is not truly a quad exhaust) the presence of a boot spoiler on the E43 2) The AMG bodykit on the E63, which is a totally different deal. When the E43 and E63 became available in C&C, I went down to examine the details, compare the differences, and to try to get as much information as I can. But those staff of C&C are damn blur. Everything also don't know. Can't provide any parts numbers. But after those trips, I decided that I would like my car to have something between the E43 and E63 look, instead of the AMG-line for E200/E250/E300. I decided to have an E43 bodykit with a E63 side skirt (the E63 side skirt as an extra trim to the E43 one, making it look fiercer). I started to collect parts by shopping on eBay in October/November, since eBay postings has lots of pictures and descriptions that make it easier for me to ascertain if they are the right parts, without having any part numbers on hand. I managed to buy front and rear bumpers, and grills in this manner. When I thought I have all the necessary parts, I brought it to my workshop for installation. Since it is the first time my workshop is also doing a W213 conversion, there were lots of hiccups, but all due to me. It turned out that the conversion is not trivial. I came from an Audi, which is damn simple to mod. But for Merc, every detail is different. You cannot just take down the Avantgarde bumpers and install the E43 bumpers. They won't fit. I was almost giving up, when I coincidentally ran into a friend and found that he had bought a W213 AMG-line. I asked for his chassis number which I use as reference at the stockist to try to find the differences with my car and then order the parts. But again, it is far from trivial. The differences are overwhelming. The collision absorber behind the front bumper is different. The brackets holding the bumpers are different. The tow eye caps are different. The tow eye cap mounts are different. Every time I thought I have the full set of parts for the conversion, my workshop told me a different part is required. Even the license plate mount is different. I must have made at least 5-6 trips to the stockist to order new parts. I also sought help from the US forum MBWorld for part numbers of the E63 side skirt trim. The project which I started in October 2017 was finished only just before Chinese New Year this year. I will post the pictures of my AMG bodykitted car in my next post.
  8. You can't buy it anywhere. It's unique to C&C.
  9. 1) They have enough margin to do $20k OT if they want. 2) OT valid only if you trade in your car with them. And they can always take your car in at a lower price to compensate.
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