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  1. hi bro, than how u rectify it. mine 204 seems to have this problem now.
  2. nope. it happen on one fine afternoon. in the morning when im driving, everything was normal
  3. hi, mine was 2010 Pre Facelift. I suppose mine was not "green key issue" because I can start the car. the only thing was the car keep shivering and liked want to stall. I stepped on the accelerator and the rpm does not goes up at all.
  4. if your D.O.M is 2010 or below, chances is low. correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. I'm interested also. mine is the pre facelift type (bulb type)
  6. can pm me the price for C & E? by the way, mine is a 09pre-fl. thanks bro.
  7. hi bro, can pm the price for option 2? does it include the rear led tail light
  8. whats the cost like. thanks
  9. where did you change the face-lifted LED tail light. im interested too if not too exp.
  10. so you are driving the <2010 komp model?
  11. hi all, newbie here. any1 can enlighten me on this issue. this afternoon, after I started the car, the whole car was like shivering and when I step on the accelerator, the rpm still do not rev up. it was still at Parking. I opened up the bonnet and could only hear a "psss" sound on and off.The fan belt speed looks slower then normal. after trying on and off a few times of the engine afew times, finally it went back to normal. any bro out there encounter this before?