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  1. Custom made for all series of GLA. Synthetic leather, pre-installed with 3M tape so just peel and stick on. Prevents scuff marks from shoes especially if you have kids who like to use their feet to push open the door. Asking for $40. Pm for details, thanks.
  2. Maybe it was a typo... no such thing as Michelin PSS4. Your tires are PS4. PSS = Pilot Super Sport
  3. Why not? It's completely untraceable.
  4. If you're getting a GLA180, you can use the racechip in your new car. It's the same engine...
  5. Hub centric spacers will have a lip around the middle, while non hub centric will be completely flat. Which is yours?
  6. Hi LYH, Sorry no workshop to recommend... I like to tinker with cars so installed it myself. I've done this for my last 4 cars already. It's actually quite straightforward, and I can give you instructions if you plan on giving it a try.
  7. Ummm.... lotsa things can explode in the car if you suay. Distributor will always find any reason to deny responsibility for everything. How many stories have you heard of handphones exploding in people's faces, but you haven't junked your smartphone right? It's about making educated choices. Citing one isolated case and making sweeping statements isn't very helpful...
  8. Nothing wrong with the installation, it is tapping the correct fuse. Problem is the power magic pro. Lousy device for its price. Also it doesn't properly protect your battery - even at the highest setting, it discharges too much of the battery before cutting off the power supply, which will lead to premature battery failure. The Lukas one is much better although generally, these things aren't very reliable. Very common for them to give problems or fail completely within 2 years. I prefer not to use the car's main battery in the first place. Best option is still Cellink. Only issue is the size... positioned mine in the glove compartment so takes up quite a bit of space.