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  1. One day old Hardrace Rear Sway bar for A class for sale, item is out of vehicle. Retails 500. Letting go at 300. PM to deal thanks!
  2. I do believe each person's experience with services rendered are personal and no service provider is truly perfect. We are humans and we err so it doesn't mean they got it right back in 2013 means they get it right all the time. Objectively it also does not mean that I am saying what is written in the post you are referring to is gospel. I do believe the mods are looking into the matter and we do wish for a resolution to the matter in due time.
  3. GTG Signup List: 1) snsd555 2) chris 3) keltanky 4) markcwq 5) odessus 6) Ah Bui 7) wnws 8) Angsnj 9) darksaint 10) BabyA 11) lhraiders 12) metanoia 13) melvsee 14) deryklascanzi (will come if I can knock off on time) 15) nicobogoss 16) asteroids 17) cts1984 18) mga180s 19) J&E (will try to make it if I can) 20) J888 21) Raymond kcgoh 22) Johng 23) AMG28 24) rickosw 25) darrenwei( I need the decal) 26) Pocket_Rocket (Decal Please) 27) cktee (decal pls) 28) Callylow 29) slimb 30) Dinner Signup List (Please indicate number of pax): 1) snsd555 2) chris 3) keltanky 4) markcwq + 2 5) odessus 6) Ah Bui 7) Stanford 8) 9) 10)
  4. You can order from Taobao or aliexpress for about 50sgd. do note there are 2 types. One type fits onto the movable part, and the other type fits onto the non movable part like bro Freeze's.
  5. White, you?
  6. hey welcome, have you collected yours? waiting for my A250 as well in a day or 2...
  7. Cirrus White
  8. congrats, I also got the A250, collecting end of the month. which color did you get?
  9. I believe it is more of a difference if it the facelifted or pre-facelifted A class, the pre-facelifted A class in the earlier batches had halogen 'C' shaped rear lamps, then it had LED 'C' shaped ones on the later which are the ones posted by the site sponsor SonicR, all the facelifted A class should come with LED rear lamp where the shape of the lights looks like a 'Y' on its side. So assuming you are driving the facelifted A class, yours should come with the Y shaped LED ones regardless of style or urban trim. For the headlamps of the facelifted A class, between Style and Urban, the headlamps are halogen on the style but LED on the urban. And the LED headlamps of the FL vs Pre-FL are different if you look at the light cluster within the headlamp unit. No offence to anyone, but I guess it doesn't make sense for a bro driving a facelifted A class to mod it to a pre-FL look, but mods are personal so just my 2 cents.
  10. Bro just curious you driving the FL version, if so wouldn't your rear lights be the new LED ones anyway? Why the need to change?
  11. I believe Remus, Brabus and Supersprint also has exhausts for A class. Should be LTA approved.
  12. Sold. Thanks for all your interests