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  1. No worries. Thanks. I am sure the dealer won't think this is a lemon law item.. No point going bk to them. I am OK to go workshop just wanting to see if any one has experience or knowledge so at least there is some sense on what's happening. Thks
  2. Yah. Both keys cannot detect. But use fob can operate car door, boot etc no problem but cannot keyless operation n on engine
  3. Hi. Need advice from experts. Just got a pre owned c180 w205. Today when I try to keyless unlock it won't work so I had to press the fob. When entering into the car the keyless start go couldnt work and showed "key not detected". Fortunately I managed to manually start the car. Can expert please advise on this beside sending it to work shop? Thanks
  4. You are spot on. Off aircon it will last longer. But it's just frustrating to have the feature but not working. My fren mazda 3 eco works so much better. However super like the park assist.. Esp for parallel during peak hours.. Hahaha
  5. Likewise. At this speed I am usually getting out of carpark and in a few occasions got a scare as the sudden lunge occurred with a car in front.. Luckily was not tagging too close Also CnC cannot resolve my perennial issue of start stop cannot last more than 10 sec. Irritating and totally useless
  6. Have exactly the same issue. Same issue cane back 2-3 months after re flash. Same w the weak battery issue too
  7. Cos my wife was complaining there's no place to nicely put her phone for gps .. so she asking if canintegrate into the audio 20. Given its pricing. .. I think it's better to convince her to use Google map . Haha .. thanks all for the reply
  8. Hi. Anyone know if CnC fits GPS or have to get after market ? Any experience n recommendation ?
  9. Thanks . I will go try the recommended pressure this weekend
  10. Hi . The original tyres the coned with the car is using air or nitro? . If nitro can I owned go petrol station and mix well air to get the recommended pressure ?
  11. Oh . Cos I was contemplating change to Phillips clear vision 4300k for low beam to get more whitish look. If that the case I wouldn't have to ...
  12. A180 / a200 is 50L tank right ? Cos I am getting lower distance n cheaper full tank compared to my previous c180
  13. I tried eco mode light foot 20km part highway managed to get 6.8l/100km But it's really a torture cannot just .. eermm.. vroommm
  14. Who knows what the color temp of stock halogen bulb? The drl seems a lot more yellowish than low beam . There seems to be a lot of complaints that white halogen bulb got short life span .
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