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  2. Selling car plate number SJD628A $2,288 Whatsapp me at 9sixsix8 three42three
  3. Selling car plate number EJ2888E $13,888. Whatsapp me at 9sixsix8 three42three
  4. Pls PM price & i have already tuned my car at MT.
  5. this is very poisonous...
  6. Stanford's video damn pro...
  7. Good turn up, i think close to 40 cars? Stanford & Ast, can we have some photos & videos pls?
  8. any interest for go kart later in the year?
  9. Agree with joecamel.
  10. Found one site sponsor, McWell Ventures, selling it for W205. Anyone got it installed on a similar ride as mine and could share his driving experience?
  11. i calculate the same way as u Darkseid, which is definitely the most accurate calculation for FC.
  12. Indeed, jtang, your statement as "E43 is a great car but not real AMG... congrats" was out of place and not related to this thread topic/title... Miguel, to answer you: Is this option referring to the auto stop engine at traffic light or traffic? Whenever the interior is cooled enough, the car's engine with auto switch off and when temperature gets warmer again, the engine will auto switch on?
  13. how much for c200 w205?
  14. Exquisite Marques just sent me a message. They are having promotion until 22 Aug for Armytrix exhausts for W205, but it will still be LTA non compliant. Pm if you want details...