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  1. Selling a Racechip Ultimate that i used for about 1.5 years. Good performance gains for the price, and no issues Looking to sell around $450. Pls PM if interested
  2. Hi, selling off CLA45 bodykit front grill as I am looking to change, grille is still on the car, do not require swap, please PM for more info. Front Lip is also for sale as well. Both items in black color
  3. Hi you still selling cla spoiler lip

    1. junkaiii


      Hi yes. pls check your PM

  4. Used Carbon Fibre Edition 1 spoiler for CLA for sale. Selling as I am changing to different design spoiler. Have brand new one as well if you are interested. Please PM for info. Thanks!
  5. Hi. Selling the stock CLA front grill (plastidipped to black, you can remove if you want the original color), and also 2 pairs of the rear exhaust tip. Selling as I have changed full bodykit. Items are already removed from car, cash and carry.
  6. Got mine changed at workshop for about $800+. Can PM me i tell you more, mercedes mounting wear faster than others haha..
  7. Hi, did the sharp squeaking sound get better after changing of brake pads?
  8. Hi, please PM price for CLA to retrofit blind spot warning system. Thanks.
  9. Brought it to Cnc and they said no problem with the suspension and they cant hear the noise when testing.. Told me to record a video of the sound so they can check
  10. Think it would only affect warranty of head unit (screen damage etc.)
  11. Does AD mean accident damage? had a lorry rear end me at carpark once, nothing more than a dent and fully replaced boot lid at cnc, shouldnt be a problem as it was minor damage. Will go down to cnc some time in Jan.. will update
  12. Almost sounds like the brakes on an old bike. Definitely not normal for a premium car
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