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  1. Ok....after spending some time researching on which android set to get...I finally made the decision to jump into this project. "To replace my obsolete Command NTG1 to aftermarket china Android set" Ordered the set from Aliexpress...damage about $380 (include shipment and all extra cable, backup camera, GPS etc etc) Took my time over the new year holiday to DIY, learning from stretch...actually it is not difficult as there are tons of instruction video in youtube. Anyway, here is the new look in my center "cockpit".
  2. Ever wonder how your W211's suspension handle driving thru portholes? See it in 4k slow-motion...
  3. Wahhh....old bird means old bird....
  4. Bro, You purchase your Shell Helix Ultra from where? I got mine from Shell Service Centre..they say it is both MB 229.5 and 226.5 certified leh.
  5. I had the same tough luck going round island to hunt for used W211 parts. One scrapyard worker told me that W211 is quite in demand for overseas market. The scrapyard usually export the whole car instead of dismantling it. Even for W211 scrapped due to accident, the scrapyard will get good profit by repairing and then exporting it out.
  6. Don't is...look under Emission Class... Technical data for the new E-Class Saloon
  7. Make sure you go to the correct shop... Not those who tell you got to change this, change that....
  8. Hmmm....if 2 tablespoon enough to get rid all the grinding noise. Imagine if you do a complete flushing and renew the steering fluid.
  9. I suspect your problem is due to low on refrigerant. There isnt enough quantity of refrigerant to fill the entire evaporator. I use to have similar I sent the car to an aircon specialist workshop to vacuum and refill all refrigerant. (cost about $35) Voila !!! ...problems solves...since then, I make it a point to sent my car to the specialist once every year to check, vacuum and refill aircon gas.
  10. Bro, Can advise what is the marking on the dipstick before and after the 2 tablespoons? Mine fluid level is currently on the lowest marking already.