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  1. Is this for c205 ? And price thank you
  2. Hi any reliable sticker shop that has the expertise to wrap our center piano black console ? As they need to remove the console for wrap and it has a lot of wires below it .. Thanks 🙏
  3. WTB w205 or c205 AMG Line BBK thanks 🙏
  4. Hi may I wash where is this brake Hhc made from ? Also will it fit our stock brake calipers for c205? is this brake rotors 1 piece or 2 piece ? And pricing .. thx
  5. Bro what is the damage cost on the rear bumper ?
  6. Is the rim offset 38 front & 56 rear ? Need to clear the 6 pot AMG BBK
  7. Snsd555 thx for the reply .. But is it true that current the new AP are all under a new series Radical now ? I can't find any link for AP BBK made for W205 Coupe when I goggle .. Also the weird part is I don't understand why AP is cheaper than AMG BBK .. Cos my current AP is those under CP series ..
  8. Can I join but my merc is not here only in Jan 2017 ..
  9. http://shop.piecha.com/images/c-klasse-w205-coupe-seitliches-heck-web.jpg I love the rear ✌️ Are there any dealers for Piecha kit in Singapore ?
  10. Can pm me pricing for AP racing bbk for W205 ?
  11. Hi can quote me W205 but is C class coupe is it the same? TRI-Color Ambient: Blue White Orange Burmester Surround Sound System. HUD: Heads Up Display Disable Auto Start Stop (ECO) by coding
  12. Has anyone purchased BBK from The Brake Shop SG ? They are selling Brembo & AP Racing .. Thx u
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