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  1. Is this for c205 ? And price thank you
  2. How much is this ?
  3. Hi any reliable sticker shop that has the expertise to wrap our center piano black console ? As they need to remove the console for wrap and it has a lot of wires below it .. Thanks 🙏
  4. Nice 👍
  5. WTB w205 or c205 AMG Line BBK thanks 🙏
  6. How much is this ?
  7. For all models ? How much?
  8. Hi may I wash where is this brake Hhc made from ? Also will it fit our stock brake calipers for c205? is this brake rotors 1 piece or 2 piece ? And pricing .. thx
  9. Would u bring in exhaust for C205 ? Thx
  10. Bro what is the damage cost on the rear bumper ?