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  1. Mod, Kindly close this thread. Thank You.
  2. Hi, Selling my Jun-2010 E200 CGI Avantgarde. Special Indent CUPRITE BROWN with RICH BROWN Leather Original Paint, Accident Free. Car-plate number will be retained. I am the Owner. Valuation or Indicated value of the vehicle Have been acquired from reliable platform,,, So :- Dealer / Re-seller / Low-baller, KINDLY STAY AWAY.. Sincere Buyer. Please pm your contact to coord viewing before Nego. Thank You.
  3. I dont pump full tank, but it seems ard the ball park figures. It is "suppose" to clock ard 7.8ltr/100km,,, but I guessed bcos of our city and "short-distances" driving- it is pretty much difficult to achieve these reflected specification. My spouse does most of the driving and she manages ard 9.9km. I'm more light-footed and manages abit better than her.
  4. Letting go my ride. Customised Graphite Grey 5 Spoke 17" rims for sale. Condition is 9/10. Asking $540 for a set of 4rims without tyres.
  5. Post or PM yr contact, I'll watapp pics to you.
  6. Letting go 4 x 17" twin 5 spoke rims from W212. Condition is 7/10 bcos of kerb-rashes. Not for fussy buyer, Only asking $150/-. Thanks for reading
  7. Hi jetster, I was intro to this workshop in Sin Min to service my Merc too. They specialised in Merc n BMW. Very Knowledgeable in their works, if u need their contact, pm me. Im not related to them, but just passing-on a deed.
  8. Well said, I feel there is "something wrong" with the system too.
  9. The logic is $$$. Vendor must be SEEN reacting to the momentum of economy. IMO :- Distributor/s should be restricted to focus only on the sale/promotion of their vehicle.... I don't understand why they should have a hand to participate in the "COE" purchase portion too. Go to any showroom with your own COE and you will understand what it meant.... Just my 2cts worth..
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