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  1. The only second time I encounter vibration is when the engine mounting and gearbox mounting need to replaced. But this is constant vibration especially for W204 can be felt at the shifter.
  2. I had this issue with C180 W204 when I fill up with RON 95 Problem gone if fill up with RON98
  3. Brake pads wear depend on the driving style. Based on my experience last with W204 it can last me 60k before alarm comes out but rotor need to be replaced too. Cost 2k in CnC down time 2 days 🖕but my car is already out of warranty so I did it out side with original part. I was shown that the rotor is worn out beyond marking point, so I decided to replace it too total cost 1k for rotor, brake pads and sensor down time 4 hours.
  4. 😀 It's ok. Sold my W204 and now already happily driving Volvo XC60 T5 for past 2 months.
  5. ........................
  6. Will getting my new car by end of the month and need to surrender my W204 FL Kompressor, so selling some items before fitted to my C180: Original sport pedal, condition is great but 2 studs on the brake are flatten see pictures $200 (will listen to reasonanble offer) . Will fit all W203 and W204
  7. Ready stock or indent? Got discount from their advertised price? Thx
  8. It's history, interesting yo know also how Mercedes brand derived. Also the MB first car driver is a lady, Karl Benz built for his wife. Never been to any car museum in Japan, I am not sure if they have museum, may be I just don't know. The mb museum gift shop full with AMG/MB tag shirt, cap etc in a fraction price on SG MB boutique. also Metzingen is near Stuttgart for shopping Hugo boss at good price.
  9. Forget BMW Welt, Mercedes Museum is much better. This Tristar brand history is unique and there is dark era during WW2, after this museum visit your will appreciate your merc much more. Stuttgart is 280 km from Munich, I believe day trip to museum from Munich is possible since there is ICE connection. Just take cab from Stuttgart HBF to the museum. Tip to buy DB ticket book 2 weeks in advance and usually it get 50% discount for 1st class, but note this not flexible ticket and need to travel on the train mentioned on the ticket if not conductor will impose additional fee during check.
  10. Anyone has feedback on this car, especially on maintenance? My W204k FL is 4 year old now thinking to change car this year or next. Tested W205 C180 is lovely car but equipment level is sucks big time, I prefer interior than exterior so AMG package is out! Love GLC but out of budget. Checking 3 series but I will wait for their LCi version should becoming soon, I guess. Recently saw XE it's really an eye pleasing car. Thinking may be going for test drive after my Europe trip next week but I need to know how reliable Jag is esspecially the diesel version. Had super bad experience with their dealer for kangoo euro van last time, that leaves bitter taste until now.
  11. Good customer service at GEOX Wien on March trip, changed to correct size even after more than one month date of purchase without question asked.
  12. Yes noted, actually showroom charges increased a lot compared to 3-4 years ago may be due to lower sales volume but it's hard to swallow if depreciation almost 30% is due showroom profit margin.
  13. Distributor/Agent always win, I own 2012 C180K COE $55k I calculated last time showroom made $30 plus from my car with my car, dep at $13.5k plus. But last time I ask W205 show room made more than $40k COE at $60k, dep close to $17k. That's why for next car I am considering to get from PI for my next car to lessen the premium charged by distributor/agent. This just personal opinion with rough calculation. .
  14. It just marketing ploy, I am sorry I don't believe this kind superior complex issue being inspected by German technician. If Local agent service is good local senior service man should be as good their German counter part. If not it's major failure in their training system, or the local service guys working there are clowns. Disclaimer: this is just my personal opinion not to flame anyone. It's your moolah and I don't have any authority to tell anyone on how to spent their hard earned moolah.