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  1. My suggestion to you is keep your option open. PI cars generally have higher specs and much more value for money IMHO.
  2. Looking at the OMV. It’s pretty low. May I know how much you purchase from C&C?
  3. OMV will be available once the PI or AD managed to get hold of the paperwork of your new ride. Likely prior to shipment to Singapore. for GLC250 should be around the range of 50K plus.
  4. To me, PI or AD doesn’t matter. If wanna debadge. I will do it clean. Anyway, buying from PI or AD is personal preference. Mainly due to demand and supply of the actual configuration of the car you wanna buy. Some choose to wait for AD cars but I choose stock cars! 👍👍👍
  5. Don’t really get u? Any car purchased in SGP are losing asset. What u trying to ask?
  6. I am on the power pack as well but still, if you are going for long holidays. best just remove the power cable.
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