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  1. Any owner own a Xentry for his/her own use here??
  2. Any owner own a Xentry for his/her own use here??
  3. MBM Wheelpower fixed it at 1000K for the first servicing where the car came with the first servicing set at 25,000KM (UK spec). I dragged until 1,700 KM for the "oil change". The oil vacuum out is really clean. Even 2,000 KM is over-kill. My friend from Malaysia changed his own at 5,000 km before his first C&C Malaysia servicing at 12,000 KM. I think 5,000 KM is more reasonable where about 6-7 litres of oil is in the engine.
  4. My W205 OMV 55+K with AXA is only 900++ with 50% NCD. Same car NTUC quoted 1100-1200.
  5. Non-GLA also signup here? I will be going. W205 Canvasite Blue.
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