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  1. ——-Item Sold——-
  2. Private owner wants to buy Merc GLA-180 or GLA-200. Looking at year 2016 model, prefer color is White. Please msg me if you had one to let go. Thanks 🙏
  3. ————SOLD———— Mods pls close. Thank you.
  4. Selling a Brand New black carpet for w204 saloon. Only the rear piece as I only need the front 2 pieces as my helper tear my previous ones. Neat one piece design. 3M style, 15mm thickness. Still in plastic, just bought today. Selling at $20 only! Please PM me if interested. Tks. Sample pic of the mat from web as below:
  5. Still looking..Seller pls PM me
  6. Looking for the original last batch of w204 FL rear bumper, it comes with the original diffuser. Item is as shown as below. Best that it's black, pls PM me if u got one to let go..
  7. Found..tks to bro @LYH
  8. Looking to buy this leather remote holder pouch from new car owner. If you are not using, can PM me to discuss. Tks Tks.
  9. Just very sian. .this oso need to be controlled. . @@
  10. Wanted to redo my front window film to the darker shade as the rear. Called up Huper Optik and they told me they can't do so. Reason being C&C dun allowed them to do any C&C's car to be non LTA compliant, even with owners paying.. @@
  11. Driving a w204, recently I encountered 2 incidents whereby I immediately engage the gearbox to "D" upon start up, the gearbox will have a loud "Clock" sound. As the car was parked under the sun, I just wana drive off ASAP to a cooler spot. It will not happen if I dun engage the gear immediately upon start up. Any bros here got this issue? ?
  12. No space to store them, therefore priced to sell: 1) w204 c180k PFL stock bonnet grill: $40 2) w204 c180k PFL stock Head Lamps(in gd working conditions, no scratches or stain): $60 --SOLD-- 3) w204 c180k PFL stock Tail Lamps (in gd working conditions, no scratches or stain): $80 --SOLD-- All items from yr 2010 car, can PM me if interested. Thanks.