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  1. I bring in myself. Tweeter cover from TaoBao. The full c.f. spoiler is $380
  2. U might wanna check out from Min Hoe or PAS Auto.
  3. Facebook 7 angelz. Just tell the boss u know the 6 merc guys who did it with him. So that he can charge u cheaper @ approx $170. If not its about $260
  4. Brakes - for front will be changing to just the original AMG line bigger brake kit (approx 2k), not the AMG C63 4 or 6 pot kind. I don't have such power that need those kind of brakes, am afraid if I brake, my neck will fracture. LoL
  5. Rear??? Didn't knew the rear is any different? LoL
  6. ??? Rear???? Front Side fenders not so simple. Original C63 has got a longer bonnet/front, thus, in order to change the side fenders, the engine bay need to do extension. Anyway, am just a wannabe to make the stock looks slightly "nicer". Thus, not doing till that extend.
  7. Not full. Bonnet and side fenders not done.
  8. Most of ur stuffs can be bought from TaoBao. Dechrome stuffs u can actually do sticker wrap. For burmester speakers. Upgrading it when u book ur car will be most worth it. But its too late, U might wanna enquire from local stockist like Min Hoe or PAS Auto etc. For better pricing, however u gotta source for installation. Otherwise, aftermarket speakers don't lose out to burmester speakers. U might wanna check brands like ground zero, Focus etc.
  9. Yes. The 4 exhaust are just tip that serve no purpose, a dummy.
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