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  1. I think the model for Bosch should be A844S. In the end I bought back the MB wiper.
  2. Anyone tried Singtech wiper before? Was quoted $45. Half the price of MB original wiper.
  3. Which autobac branch you went? I went to autobac ubi and the person said don’t have for W205 model.
  4. Have been looking around, including autobac but many said they don’t have. Any advise where to buy? This is how it looks like
  5. Mine got triggered after 9 months. C&C did pressure test and nothing abnormal detected. It was explained that the car is turbo charged and the heat cause the evaporation. Don't q make sense for me for the amt paid and it's a new car. LL. Will continue to monitor.
  6. Touch pad is there. Any reason why CNC gave instruction to disable parking mode? How can we enable it?