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  1. Good day guys , just checking on the replacement of CLA180/200/250’s engine mounting anyone from C&C warranty ended , had encounter on outside Workshop replacement of All 4 pieces of engine mounting ?? What will be the price ? Estimate? personally I feel why CLA -class ‘s engine mounting so fast wear off ?? Mileage 40k had replacement from C&C before ,now 60k need to replacement again . As Workshop told me that my mount already crack .😱😱 wtf
  2. CLA-class w117 only the bottom canard . Real 3wave type of carbon fiber Suitable for only cla45 , cla250 , cla200 , cla180 Suit only amg line front bumper kit only .Is for pre-facelift amg bumper . Greyyish carbon fiber glossy lacquer. Tested the fitment is prefect Pls take note this item is NOT those CHEAPO type thin material -2wave CF with yellowish finishing . Item is new . 10/10 Bought it $300 interested parties pls PM me . selling it at $250- nego for sincere Buyer Able to view and test the fitment before commit .
  3. Joker84


    Registration Date: 16 Apr 2009 Well maintained by fussy enthusiast owner . All wear and tear parts had been change . Engine mounting , gear box mounting , service every mil 5.5k . fully convert to AMG new 2012/2013 facelift . Panoramic Sunroof series , Original amg steering with paddle shift , memory seat , All original part from Mercedes benz . Optional or dekit : Fox quad exos , bilstein sport Coilover , enkei rs050ss , new facelift AMG from bumper ,headlight , side skirt and rear bumper ,new micehilli ps4 -80% , big brake kit front 6pot rear 4pot , rear carbon fiber diffuser , front cf add on lip & new brown leather seat cover all mods reach 25K Will retain all mods - pls do a search before nego no engine mod fully stock high specs c200 kompressor . Guys please don't ask me for my parts as I prefer sell as a whole . Sincere buyer able to nego Good for those wan to renew as this had been fully convert to latest w204 facelift . Parked under shade . Wash twice every week by hand wash . Rebate Info: COE Expiry: 15 Apr 2019 COE QP Paid: $7,326.00 Good for those buyer wan to renew for another 10years periods , as the condition super well maintenance plus i had fully convert to the latest face-lift series https://carousell.com/p/mercedes-benz-c200k-apr-2009-117764644/?ref=search&ref_query=c200 amg&ref_referrer=%2Fsearch%2Fproducts%2F%3Fquery%3Dc200%20amg thank you for viewing , interested party do PM me . Sold
  4. Bought from FK , high quality tips . Bought at per tip $80 4-x$80 =$ 320 With centre solid mount Material tips is stainless steel oval shape just like AMG tip.. bought on Sep 2016 . Selling due to upgrading to full exhaust system It should be universal.suitable for All Mercedes model Cash and carry My loss will be ur gain guys.. selling cheap cheap ya.. $160 for all 4 pieces
  5. Well... Swop for FREE for original amg grill or Taiwan quality grill.. Labour on each other . As I'm planning to convert all into amg style . Anyone ?
  6. Good day guys . I'm willing to swop original front AMG grill with my black version diamond grill. With $120 topup. Fitment prefect , can view before confirm Labour on u. Condition just like new . 9.8/10 Apply on both pre-fl and FL model . interested parties pls whappapp me for more pic 987three3 two 67
  7. Good day bro. Just to check how long had u been using this spring ?
  8. Are u still selling ?? Been Mgs a lot of times but no response?
  9. lai ya lai ya i reduce to $850 ,as my new rims had arrived. nego for sincere BUYER ONLY , not in a hurry ..but please dont low baller ..
  10. Oh.. Cos got workshop told me is forge.. Anyway thank for ur input
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