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  1. By the way, leather care can be applied to the leather seat cover to give it a deep and lustrous look, as compared to the pics above which were not treated yet. Direct purchase link @ 998 RMB for the leather version - https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=535279471435&spm=a1z09. For the key cover, comes in multiple colours and fully covered as well if you have keyless entry - https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z09. Don't waste money paying agents for their agent fee and expensive shipping fee!
  2. Bought the seat covers direct from TaoBao for about S$200. I usually use DEX shipping, and they were unable to ship the item due to the bulky dimensions. Went with SGshop shipping and it cost me another S$100. Thankfully the seat covers fit pretty well and quality quite good. Overall quite happy with it considering the price paid. Only thing to take note is that the side supports, which are meant to be inserted under the seat itself, are too small. When I DIY upgraded them, I found out that inside the supports are just hollow PVC tubes. Small wonder no strength to hold the sides down. Now that I have upgraded them with multiple 20mm x 10mm nylon bars, the holding is so much better. Just need to get more people to sit on the rear seats to get it settled down into the exact shape. Oh ya, too bad there was a crease on the rear seat bottom when they packed it, but small issue I suppose. Upcoming DIY project: vinyl 5D CF gloss wrap on interior door sill, center console and aircon vent silver ring! Pics of the seat cover! And my matchy matchy key cover!
  3. Hi brothers and sisters, up for sale is my 1 month old Eibach pro kit. This is a set of lowering springs by Eibach, which lowers the front by 30mm and rear by 25mm from stock springs. This kit is meant for the A class W176 and CLA C117 ONLY. Please do not ask me if it can fit other models. Part number: E10-25-033-01-22 Final sale at S$380 only. I will not entertain any low-ballers or negotiation for discounts. This is already a very cheap price. Self collection @ Woodlands. Item is dekitted from car. Interested buyers please contact Louis @ 9179 3990 Thanks for looking!
  4. I have never seen a A180/200/250/45 with Bi-xenon LED headlamps with automatic washers. Even for the CLAs, I have never seen one with washers. If M-Benz sells the car as is, I do not think that LTA will have any issues with the washers.
  5. Yup, still under warranty. Been back to C&C twice already after flash back to stock ecu settings. So far so good. Had bad luck on an instrument cluster with multiple scratches only visible under bright sunlight. Missed it while inspecting the car in their viewing booth. Also had another bout of bad luck after 1 month of driving, one of the camshaft adjuster coils kaput and caused some weird sounds while driving, very noticeable at low gears. Nothing else was mentioned other than the rims were marked as non-MB type on the service chit.
  6. Update: this set of shocks and springs are also compatible for C117 CLA180/200/250 as per catalog specs. Both chassis use the same part number.
  7. Hi everyone, looking to sell off my 1 month old Bilstein/Eibach pro kit. This is a set of lowering springs by Eibach (pro kit) and a set of shocks meant for lowering springs by Bilstein(B12). This kit is meant for the A class W176 non face lift model. Can fit A180, A200, A250 as per the catalog specs. Very fun cornering and stability after installation, too bad I have to let it go. Reason for selling: my wife insists that the car remains stock. ;( Bought at $1800, now selling off at $1200. Cash and carry @ Woodlands. Item is dekitted from car. Interested buyers please contact Louis @ 9179 3990. Thanks for reading!
  8. Hi everyone, just want to share my experience as my ride is also A180 style, hope it helps everyone as I had a hard time looking for information, but couldn't get anything much other than from the UK A class forums. 18" rims with 225/40/18 CSC5 tyres (not run flats) For my ride, I changed out the 17" rims to 18". Although it only differs by 1", it does make a significant difference when you look at the car, even before I lowered my ride. When changed from 17" to 18" on stock suspension, it kinda stiffens up the ride and you can feel the sharp bumps. Fuel consumption My FC after run in (my mileage is 8k now), best trip is my everyday morning commute to work. Clocked on the dash at 5.9L/100km. The trip home clocks at about 7.2 to 7.5L/100km, depending on the traffic. Woodlands to Tuas. For weekend trips, expect anything from 8L/100km onwards if you're going to town. Way too many traffic lights and heavy traffic. Bilstein/Eibach B12 shocks and lowering springs As I couldn't find any information on lowering the A class, I decided to pick the one that appealed to me the most. A shock and spring combo from Bilstein/Eibach. I chose the B12 with front lowering of 30mm and rear lowering of 25mm. Although these are the official figures, the front has dropped quite a bit more compared to the rear. I measure the tyre gap using my fingers. Before: Front 3 fingers, rear 3 fingers. After: Front 1.5 fingers, rear, 3 fingers tight fit The butt feel is that the rebound is a little too fast, so you feel the small little bumps on the road, but the dampening is solid. Much better than the stock shocks. Aesthetics wise, infinitely better than stock. Performance wise, cornering is extremely stable, other than your own body rolling in the chair. Parking wise, the rear is still high enough that you can vertical park without worrying about the rear bumper scratching against the kerbs at the end of the lots, even with a full load. Please contact Monster Tune for price and stock availability. AMG head lights and tail lights from Sonic Racing This has got to be an essential modification as the default light assembly is way too ugly. Sonic Racing provides the original parts inclusive of head light assembly, LED control units, ballast etc, and comes with the default 4300k Bi-xenon light bulbs (warm yellow). I changed the bulbs to 6K ones at additional cost. Programming of head lights and tail lights are inclusive in the package. Please refer to Sonic Racing for pricing and stock availability. The head lights come with the inner "red ring" which is inherent to the A250 sport models which I saw from the UK forums. Apparently the AMG A45 models do not have this red ring. The tail lights are also much nicer to look at with the LEDs instead of the 2 bulbs. Monster Tune ECU tuning Another essential modification, this basically maximizes the potential of the M270 engine. The stock power we get is about 200 Nm / 122 HP. After a direct ECU reflash, power increased to 250 Nm / 180 HP (on crank est.) with no other modifications. Driving the car after the tuning, it definitely feels better than the stock map. However, there is still a significant throttle delay when moving off, and when flooring the pedal in E mode when overtaking. This brings us to the next essential modification, the Pedal Box. Pedal box (sold by Monster Tune) This is an E-throttle controller which changes the response of the pedal when you step on it. It is installed between the throttle sensor and the ECU with 2 connectors. It reduces the throttle delay and also improves the gear down-shifting as you only need to step just a little bit more than the tip to get the car to down shift. Compared to the stock throttle, which you need to step at least 50% to get the car to downshift from 7 to 6. With the current settings that I use, I need to only step approximately 20%. The car feels much more responsive and fun to drive after this installation. Please contact Monster Tune for price and availability of ECU tuning and Pedal Box. With regards to FC, I am still able to clock 5.9-6.0L/100km when commuting to work, as the control of the throttle is still very easy to manipulate. Laser sun shades I bought my set of laser sun shades from Hock Cheong (4 door windows and 1 rear window) as I prefer the magnetic mounts. Paid $220 in October 2015. Pretty decent fitment, I would say 95%. The remaining 5% non-fitment is understandable as you would need somewhere to hold in order to pull it out, unless you wind down the windows and push it in. Love having this as it works as both a sun shade and also sort of a privacy film. Anytime you need to remove it, it can be removed and no ugly remaining clips remain. If anyone is interested, I am open to meet ups for further discussion of the items summarized above. Cheers. Louis
  9. Hi bro, I using some taiwan rim from AL tire. If the sales guy was correct, must use 18x8. As they have a lot of 18 x 7 rims which he say cannot fit. The 18 x 8 fits like a glove! Comfort level immediately drop a little bit, only when going over very bumpy roads. Hope this helps!
  10. Hi, any brothers or sisters lowered their W176? Can kindly share your setup? My current ride is a A180 with 18" 225/40/18 tires. The wheel gap is kind of big, about 3 fingers worth (~50mm). I'm looking to lower it maybe to about 20-30mm gap only, and so far looking at KW street comfort coils or the Bilstein B12 pro kit. Hope to hear from others on their setup and ride comfort. Thanks!
  11. Agreed on the good foot feel. It's infinitely better than the stock rubber pedals. Definitely worth the price! So far after 3 weeks still very nice, I suspect it won't wear off any time soon.
  12. I saw this rim at AL tires about 3 weeks ago. But it's 18". Not sure if they still have stock or not. Decided not to take this set and went for another design.
  13. I did ask my SE regarding rims and bodykit, and she said won't void warranty. But if touch engine and lights, then MIGHT void warranty. I'm on 18" now with a Monster Tune ECU reflash, and I wouldn't say that there will be any cause for extra fuel consumption. Based on my 25km single trip, to and fro work, 60/40 highway,major road, my dash display is showing typically 7.5/100. But that's based on gentle foot la, go to work and return home also can't whack the car. But if I whack the car, that's a totally different story.
  14. The base A180 style model comes with the base headlights and tail lights. Headlights using halogen bulbs and tail lights using normal bulbs. Quite sad to see this and it really got the cheap feeling. When driving in the day and you stop behind a vehicle, can see the pole light reflection. It's quite bright. The pole light will always on when driving the car, aka day running light. If you had gotten the headlight upgrade, it will be bi-xenon with day running LED. I'm looking to upgrade my ride with a complete set, but the price is still holding me back now.
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