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  1. Wts a pair of 10mm super light weight hub centric wheel spacer, Very good condition, 1 month usage only $100.00 a pair Extended wheel lugs $50 for 20 piece
  2. Letting go at $120 only cash and carry, My loss your gain!
  3. Brand new whiteline adjustable and heavy duty rear end link for a180/200/250 or cla180/200/250 Decided not to install hence letting go, Good for lowered car, thicker rear end link compared to factory skinny end link. Manufactured from high quality steel and include heavy duty steel ball joint ends ensuring maximum strength and durability. Heavy duty ball joints adjust and rotate to any angular combination for ease of fitment and optimum performance. Featuring premium anodized alloy materials, Whiteline alloy products are anodized providing a long-lasting protective barrier to corrosion and wear but they look great too. Protective plating on all metal components acts as a hard skin that is much tougher than conventional paint allowing this product to withstand the toughest conditions and resist corrosion for years to come. Made in Australia, not taiwan not China
  4. Helping my friend to post, Brand new A45/CLA 45 front brake kit to let go. BNIB with original brake pad and brake sensor, Exclude SSBH. Pm for price.
  5. wtb w176 H&r lowering spring Pm me
  6. Letting go 3 months old Revozsport design carbon fiber front lip from taiwan High quality carbon fiber not China made Scuffs mark at the bottom of the lip, not visible from front or top view, Letting go at $350, sincere buyer able to nego. Only suitable for A class Amg Bumper / CLA amg bumper. Attached picture for your reference of how it look like, Pm me for more info
  7. Wts brand new W204 amg single fin grille without emblem Chrome fin with gloss black netting Brand new from Taiwan 200 fast deal
  8. w204 aircon is good. maybe air con gas leaked?
  9. LOL dude? https://sg.carousell.com/p/be-breyton-19-inch-rims-and-goodyear-tyre-for-sale-156153751/?ref=search&ref_query=breyton&ref_referrer=%2Fsearch%2Fproducts%2F%3Fquery%3Dbreyton&ref_reqId=ut9NtJxPgRfZH1NLlUcxzKvBp3PSP2z5 Upz anyway good luck for the sales
  10. WTS A250 cat-back FOX exhaust system, need to swap with your stock a250 exhaust system comes with cert guarantee more bassier note price negotiable for serious buyer labour on Dutch Asking : $900
  11. Am looking for A250. preferable year 2013. Do pm me if letting go.
  12. Letting go a set, front 2, rear 2 groovy sunshade for w204 c class Mint condition please pm if interested
  13. Got a complete set front and rear original stock spring to let go at pasar malam price Pm me if you need.
  14. Hello gentlemen, I got a car to let go, w204 c200 kompressor avantgarde sept 2009 registered P silver Mileage @ 110k km regularly serviced by reputable workshop car well taken care off, weekly wash with 200% efforts If interested, please feel free to contact me @ 96544threethree7 contact me for pictures. Please feel free to offer me a price, nonsense offer will be ignore.
  15. I agree, Lots of thing could be have worn out, Guess I will go to a workshop and do a 100% check this weekend. I didn't mention the issue I'm facing to them, so to be fair, they only change the end link for me that I requested and solve the Tok Tok sound during uneven road. End link im referring to is : connect the vehicle stabilizer bar (or sway bar) to the control arms.
  16. Thanks for the advise bro, springs was change few months ago, current car mileage : 100500 while installing the springs, did ask a workshop Mechanic to check whether is there any leak or whatever, was told to be useable. chnage the end link last week before CNY at b**l***, they mention everything is ok, beside the end link, and the faint thub noise coming from the suspension. Initially thought after changing end link, the problem will resolve as previously the damaged end link is the caused of all the toktok sound. Diff workshop narrow diff stuffs. Wouldn't want to take the risk to replace something that won't solve the issue, rather than I found the right workshop to carry out the replacement. As having sound that are not suppose to be on your car is the most headache issue to solve..
  17. Hi guys, recently facing a issue on my car. my w204, when i am doing braking on uneven road, the front left side will produce a squeaking sound ( sound like old rocking chair ) the sound actually will sound like eeeeek oorkkkk but with a mixture of tak tak tak ( sound like some hard rubber banging on metal sound ?) Both sound will last continuously before coming to a complete stop on an uneven road. It can be heard clearly in the cabin itself, and the sound sounded it is somewhere near. But definitely came from the front passenger side. when i depress the brake and go through a speed hump, it will sound like something is being compressed, for eg: when the front left wheel touches the hump with the brakes being depress and it will actually make a very loud squeaky ( eeek orkk ) sound and ending with a tok, ( i hope the way i describe the sound helps to justify what is wrong ) Car sound completely quiet during normal drive on expressway and even passing through uneven road , ( probably maybe a faint thub sound ) , braking on smooth surfaces road is perfectly fine, no sound. Recently replace the end link at 1 of the site sponsors, Can anybody please advise what is wrong? Diff workshops gave me different advises. Personal guess: top mount or bushings for some particular parts. As currently on lowering springs, absorbers were last checked to be working fine, but not in perfect condition.
  18. Upz for the sale. item well taken care from the owner
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