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  1. After researching and reading forums, I've decided to give back to the community after finalling installing ceramic brake pads (ATE on W205) after the warning light/message came on. - they are not expensive - there is no squealing or screeching - lower brake dust have yet to observe as today is day 2 - it does not have the stress sound when half breaking - the braking power is similar to the stock brakes I read that ceramic pads are supposed to be quiter, produce less dust, last longer but wears your rotors faster. Also after the warning light comes on, the old pads still have about 7% left so don't listen to your mechanic to change pads until after the warning lights come on. I did servicing in Oct and they say must change must change and they lasted me four months without issues.
  2. Anyone got lobang for w205 brake pads pls comment here or pm me! Looking for no dust or reduced dust pads. For worn pads, are there anything else I need to change? Is it advisable to change all 4 pads or only those that are worn?
  3. Seldom use the button but for both open and close u need to hold the button, not just press.
  4. What I meant is that the boot will open half way, pause for a very short while (a third of a second) then continue opening. I suspect it's due to the fact that you can set the boot to open half way so the motion is stepped if that make sense. Need Bros who have w205 from cnc to verify.
  5. I thk after stop start fails, the battery can still last. Just that it cannot hold a charge. Might be risky if one day cannot start in the morning. Troublesome and costlyq by then.
  6. Should the boot closing and side mirrors folding be one smooth motion or a little choppy? For boot, I noticed it pauses a short while (maybe a third of a second) in the middle then continue to open. Is this normal? For side mirror, the folding is a bit jagged compared to my old Mazda. Is it normal? Warranty up soon wondering if I should bring it to cnc
  7. What is this specific battery called? Is this the one? For more information, please contact us: Singapore (Regional Headquarter) Johnson Controls (S) Pte Ltd 6 Changi Business Park Avenue 1 #06-21/22 UE Bizhub East (North Tower) Singapore 486017 Tel: +65-6748-0202 Email:
  8. OK my battery is at 75% after 2.5 years so I am thinking of changing it. I remember I once asked a petrol station guy and he told me stop start battery costs $400-600. I think that's quite expensive cos normal ones are only $150. I can switch off the stop start function. An thoughts?
  9. The way it is set up sucks. By the time it beeps it's too late. There should be loud slow beeps to start so there is time to react. Can it be tweaked?
  10. Anyone notice the stock tyres for w205 have poor grip in wet weather? Also mine clicked 25k and almost botak liao, is it normal? Do rf wear out faster? If I change to normal tyres will void warranty and insurance? I read that the car is tuned for run flat so must stick rf is this true?
  11. Comfort mode is set for turtle driving. If u want to chiong fast please use sports mode.
  12. If my w205 only clocked 25km but the system keep prompting me to do service B cos my car is 2 years old, should I wait until 30k?
  13. not sure what is the price difference now but back in 2015 it was 13k bear in mind it is mostly cosmetics and the engine is the same I regretted not getting the AMG line as I find it is worth the $$, as an afterthought. If you were to zhng outside it will cost you more.