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  1. Selling 4 used A45 AMG Edition 1 Red Wheel caps. I don't think it is Original although there are markings of the model number. This item is used, so expect some scruff marks and dirt here and there but its a cheap aesthetic upgrade. I used for about 7 months and 10,000km. will fit most Mercedes Wheels, the cap diameter is about 7cm. Deal only at Tiong Bahru Plaza after 7pm on weekdays. Price is firm. Thanks. https://carousell.com/p/78413930/
  2. I have cleared the air with my SE. I therefore retract my comments.
  3. 5 months old Kindle 2014 Kindle 2014 Edition. No warranty. No box. Comes with brand new USB cable. 100% working. Quick deal at 60SGD. Deal at Tiong Bahru station. This is not Kindle Paperwhite. https://carousell.com/p/47370833
  4. I upgraded from Toyota to VW and finally to Merc. After VW, i realised how badly Toyota is lagging behind in terms of being a driver-centric car. I liked my VW as the car feels "safer" and also cornering is shiok, and the door closes with a solid "thud". This helped me to confirm that my next car will still be a continental. i think your concern is valid, probably heard many stories (especially from doing asian makes workshop) that conti car in SG very expensive to upkeep, spare parts very hard to buy, reliability is an issue etc. Having heard all these before, i still take that plunge and I have never regretted. IMO, the cost of upkeeping a merc, or conti in general, is not THAT expensive. The spark plugs still cost around the same price, the engine oil depends on your vanity (you can drive a vios and still use Mobil Gold), the rest of the parts, imo there are many shops in SG that can buy your own parts or know how to service a conti. Many of them can service Ferraris and Lamborghinis, so therefore those stories about spare parts and difficulty in servicing were all thrown out of my window. You are buying a Merc, everywhere in SG you can see a merc, you go to your HDB carpark you can count how many Mercs, logically the spares that workshops bring in will therefore not be like last time, where parts are rare and hence must ship from overseas. Mercs is known for reliability (many might beg to differ here, but every other brand maybe except Lexus I also got hear before problems) so nitty gritty parts that spoil will also likewise spoil in asian makes. so therefore if you think about "top-up" I cannot really quantify for you, for my Jetta and now A180, I will say I spend more on zhng-ing car nice nice than worry about this break or that spoil. The feel is different, the stability of a Merc is also different, how much (in terms of monetary) you "top-up" is proportionate to how much joy in driving a conti compared to a corolla or elantra. All that being said, I am not a Merc salesman, just someone who enjoys my car, no offence to any asian makes bros here. just my two cents in a very long post.
  5. MB uses wet gearbox VW uses dry gearbox Then of course there is the argument about clutch size, engine capacity etc. Many of these discussion online.
  6. Ya at first I also think expensive. But now the more I drive mine the more I thinking how to "seek approval"
  7. I had some rattling sound from my A class recently. I thought it was door or windows rattling like some of those experienced here. In the end got my friend to sit beside me and we tried to find rough patches to drive. Turned out it was my sunglass holder at the top. Shifted my sunglass abit and noise was gone
  8. Still under warranty? If not can try Godspeed at Bartley
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