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  1. Hmm, do you want to do a test fit? ET49 should fit cos it's a deeper rim.
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking to sell my rims. Came stock from my AMG line ride. 18" Staggered Front 7.5Jx18H2 ET44 Rear 8.5Jx18H2 ET49 Condition 9.9/10 Interested please PM me, I'll try to reply quick. ps- sorry I don't know why the picture is rotated when it shows upright on my laptop.
  3. I'd like to thank Benny, Ah Wei and their team at Dynotechnica for the fantastic work they've done for my car. I'm sure my car is an insignificant ratio compared to the few thousands that they have worked on all these years. Nonetheless, the attention and quality of work they have spent on my car has never been scaled down in comparison. My experience of going to car workshops is like going into a wolves den. I never know to trust the words of the mechanics or not for lack of sufficient understanding in the subject matter. Most of the time I'll be thinking "am I being a carrot or not?" Well, I'm glad to have found Dynotechnica. It has been nothing short of a great experience so far. Thanks again. P.s. for those who are wondering why the newfound love, you can read up on my post here.
  4. If you have been following this thread, I ended off saying that Benny messaged to ask me how was my ride. I thought that was really good service from a workshop. Surprisingly just two weeks back, Benny texted me again. In a gist he said: "I've learnt more new things about tuning Mercedes and would like to update your map." Apparently he has been working on a couple of C-class, K's ride (other member on the forum that introduced me to DTC, see first post) and sorting out S's ride (a fellow member whose ECU kind of got literally wacked into a bad shape by another tuning workshop). He also worked on couple of CLA and E-class and hence learnt a few new parameters for the new map. Wow, if you ask me. Hence I went down and got my map updated at no extra cost. Yer, you read it correct, it was at no extra charge cos he told me that it was part of the tuning package. At this point, I'd like to emphasize that tuner relationship is very important because the driver will need to work closely with the tuner to iron out the little kinks in his ride. Tuning a car is not like buying grocery, going into a shop expecting the car to be tuned when you pick it up at the cashier. There are small kinks that the driver has to identify and work out with the tuner. I had told Benny before that my acceleration on my 5th and 6th gear was slow on the pick-up. This time round, he tuned the map such that my torque request comes in earlier. It worked perfectly well. Overtaking on expressways are smoother now cos the car feels more responsive. I'm going to end my post here in case I get accused that my post sounds like an advertisement (again). But before that all I have to say is Dynotechnica is a workshop that deserves me spending a bit more time to write a proper review. As some other members have said before, the workshop has been around for many years. Obviously they are doing something right. Pay a visit to the workshop, never once is the workshop not busy. Thanks again for reading.
  5. Thanks. Appreciate the moderation. 👍
  6. Hi giggss, I'll pm u my changes.
  7. Hi Vincent. Noted with thanks. Having said that, different medicine works for different people. As I mentioned in my first reply to you, perhaps this post is not suitable for you. Tuning cars is not a cheap sport nor a one-stop shop mentality. I believe it is important that proper research is done by individuals before falling into marketing hype and spending unnecessary money. (I cannot afford a S class like you.) 😏 Hence my long post. Kindly refrain from insinuating my post is an advertisement. Much appreciated. Let's keep the forum alive by posting constructive remarks. As for your reply to xertini, he is also a member of sgmerc. I was telling him casually that I'm a bit annoyed that someone has been "labelling" my post as an ad. Think that was his emo reaction, cos unlike you, he felt that the post was informative and useful. Finally, I wouldn't affiliate any members to workshops that easily. Every workshops has their fanbase. How fans react is independent from the workshop. The Dynotechnica staff has been very friendly and approachable.
  8. Hi Vincent, It's not an advertisement. I took my time to draft the long posting is because I felt @Dynotechnica deserved my review and by no means have they paid me for the review. The power of forums like SGMerc comes from members writing truthful feedback and sharing information so that the community benefits from it. Coming to the forum to gain more knowledge, is that not why you are here as well? Remarks about "postings are like advertisements" will only further discourage future posting from members. Would we not have undermined the very essence of this forum?
  9. Hi @vincentwee, I'm sorry that you saw my post as a long advertisement. In fact I have to say I'm a little bemused by your response. My objective of the post was to share with fellow members on the pros, cons and challenges between using piggybacks, loading and custom tuning ECU maps. (And any other hardware mods that could affect the ECU) Partly motivated as well cos I have heard many bros (and maybe sis) complaining about the issues they have faced with piggybacks and simply loading ECU maps from other workshops. Hence I thought it will be good to share my positive experience with Dynotechnica rather than having more peers to go through more painful experiences. I am not trying to convince but merely informing my peers here about tuning workshops. End of the day the decision lies with the car owner. As for your difficulties in understanding of my post, if it is too complicated, I can suggest you to ignore it or try to contact Benny @Dynotechnica to find out more about tuning. He has tuned more luxurious cars like Bentley and beast-mode cars like GTR before so I think a S300 should not be too big of an issue for him. (Best to check with him though.) And I'm pretty sure he will be able to explain much better than me since that's really more of his job than mine. Maybe it's not a question of how it will help a S300 but rather a question of how you want your S300's driving experience to be. I'm sorry again if this reply is too long for you. Perhaps it is in my nature to be longwinded.
  10. BACKGROUND: I have to start by saying that I'm just an ordinary person with a typical office job so I'm not an expert with car tuning or analyzing algorithms. Hence dyno charts to me are just papers with numbers and if I don't even scrutinize my monthly phone bills or bank statements, dyno charts bear little meanings to me. What matters more to me is really how the car moves and reacts to your right foot. That instincts you get when you are behind the wheel instead of obsessing over a paper with 4 curves on axes. Of course having said that, the feeling of how you like your car is very subjective. Some prefer comfort over power and some will go all out for power forgoing comfort. Add in aesthetics and ICE dimensions, the ideal car ride becomes a very different ball game for everyone. My perspective might not be agreeable with everyone but I'm just sharing the professionalism and great outcome that I have experienced. And I'm also hoping to share some insights for those who are considering to tune your ride. WHY CUSTOM TUNE: Having tuned a couple or more times with some tuners on my previous ride, I guess I can differentiate between good and bad tuning experiences. Naturally I have a rough idea what I would like for my ride. Piggyback is never an ideal option for me because I don't fancy the idea of having software to deceive your hardware to work into overdrive. Imagine it's like telling your mobile phone to go into fast charging mode without addressing heat dissipation in the hardware. (Kind of like a recipe for another epic phone explosion) Hence ideally I would like to address intake, exhaust and maybe turbo when I tune my ECU which can only be achieved via a custom tune (to my own driving style). Tuning a Merc is not rocket science but flashing its ECU is probably not easy. Naturally since they are selling a C200 and C250 with same specifications only different mapping. Having someone flash a C200 map that beats a C250 will make their Merc product positioning look stupid. The main hurdle will be to find someone who can both tune AND flash the ECU. DYNOTECHNICA: I tried asking around for workshops who can do that but even though a couple of workshops claimed they could flash the ECU, they did not give me great confidence that they are able to let me custom tune during our conversations. In fact I have already given up hope that we can find a tuner who can both flash and tune a Merc ECU until I chanced upon Dynotechnica through the Sgmerc chat groups. Being a skeptic as I am and after all the futile search, I wasn't convinced that this workshop can do that either. Luckily someone (I shall refer to him as K from now) from the group chat have the same ride as me and K said he was going to get his ride done up by Dynotechnica. In the chat, K seems pretty confident that Dynotechnica cos he has been fixing up his rides with them for the past 10+ years. As at that time they were still waiting for the hardware to arrive so I did some of own research online before going down to Dynotechnica to understand more. Not going to elaborate on the hardware but in a nutshell, it unlocks "anti-tuning" feature and allows a great extent of custom tune. More info here on Trasdata by Dimsport The hardware finally arrived and K went down to Dynotechnica earlier to get his ECU removed. I reached later in time to see how the technicians opened up the ECU. They seemed to have a good sense as to where the silicon glue lines are when slicing the penknife across the ECU part lines. On that note I was pretty impressed with their craftsmanship. Then K introduced me to Benny, the main tuner. Benny was very detailed and comprehensive in his explanation on what he will be doing for K's ride step by step from scanning the ECU to uploading to Dimsport for verifications, and to using dyno for tuning. Obviously K has already told Benny about his plans for turbo and exhaust as well and Benny was able to plan it for K. As I mentioned earlier on my tuning experiences, Benny came across to me as a very good if not best tuner I have met. Some may argue that I haven't even tuned my ride but after half a day in the workshop with Benny, I have absolute confidence that he is the right guy to help me with my ride. I wanted to be very sure that Dynotechnica is able to deliver hence waited to see if K has any issues with his ride first. One week after K tuned his ride, everything was still working perfectly and he experienced no CEL issues nor power loss. That firmed up my decision and I fixed a date with Benny to start the operation for my ride. PROFESSIONALISM AND PERSONALIZED: Ask any customer what are the most important traits they would like to see in the service industry and they will probably say professionalism but with a personalized touch as one of their top few answers. These are the exact words I have to describe Benny and his team. As I am working regular hours (unlike some of my Sgmerc forum friends), Ubi is pretty far for me to get to. So I arranged with Benny for me to drop off my ride the night before and as he stays in the west, he was also kind enough to send me back to my door step. During the ride, I explained to Benny what my intentions are for my ride (I will skip the details here as different people have different requirements). Benny was able to give me some options for me to decide and he explained to me some of the pros and cons for each option. This is where I will advice whoever am thinking of tuning your ride, do have a conversation with Benny prior so that he can better serve your needs/wants (nobody needs more power... It's more of a want) The next day arrives, Benny actually sent me updates in the morning and afternoon on what is actually happening to my ride. I wasn't really expecting that but was just hoping that everything will be done by the evening so that I can pick it up and go home after work. Unfortunately at about 3pm, Benny texted me saying that I might need to leave my ride with him for one more day as he has to wait for Dimsport to get back to him about my map. He explained that he needs to spend some time to tune the ride even after getting the map back from Dimsport. Bummer but what's another day of Uber anyway. On day two, again Benny sent me updates and a picture of the dyno chart after the tuning. I finally got to the workshop in the evening (FYI, Comfort costs less than Uber during peak hours). When I reached, Benny brought me out for a test drive. OUTCOME For the record, I was driving a 2.5l turbo coupe with cleared airway before this ride. After changing to the current ride, I had missed the G force that pulls you backwards whenever you floor the accelerator. I have finally found back the thrill... Obviously not as powerful as the previous ride but this was good enough for me. Benny had also helped me tune my ride to be smoother and more comfortable in the lower RPMs and only to kick in on a slightly later stage. That's cos I wasn't too keen to make the car all jerky and stuff considering some days I have to ferry my wife and hopefully kids in the future. I wanted it to be comfort still but when I am alone in my car, I have to option to go on quick acceleration. He advised me to drive around for a week and if I need to further customize my driving style, he will make the tweaks for me. Some of my forum friends have the opportunity to sit in my ride and I have only heard good feedback from everyone. No loud exhaust let alone droning, nice turbo sound, fantastic torque (and of cos the KW springs were really comfortable). In conclusion, I feel that this is how a Mercedes (or a even a good car) should behave. Tame when you need to have comfort (and avoid complaints from your wife/mum about loud noise and reckless driving), and when you need it, the surging power that kicks in smoothly for all your desires. Thanks for reading this long posting. I wanted to make sure I write an objective review about Benny and Dynotechnica so I actually waited for a week or two to make sure my ride was fine before penning down my thoughts. In fact, just a couple of days back, Benny actually messaged me to ask me how is my ride. To be honest, I have never met any workshops that does follow-ups on their work. Really impressed with the tuning outcome and their service level. Thumbs up for them!
  11. The BM covers should be fine cos the speakers there are on high frequency, shouldn't affect your sound too much unless you are a hardcore audiophile. K lah, CLA also look quite nice. Rings are removable, after 1 year when you remove them the car looks new again.~ Hah.
  12. It took me a while too and I accidentally bent mine so if you look closely at the, it's not stuck on properly in the middle... Apparently the strip is a bit concave to one side. You need to fix it such that the concave side is facing downwards. Right side is "squeezed" in and it will hold, left and center you have to depend on the tape. Good luck!
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