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  1. A few questions I like to check with you : 1. Can NTG4 be upgraded with Carplay Integration in C&C JB? 2. If not, where do you retrofit NTG5 for CLA? I checked with camber53 my previous installer - he told me that there isn't NTG5 for CLA 3. Does your NTG5 comes with Navi map? I checked with Max from Elebest. He told me that his NTG5 does not comes with Navi map. I hope to get the default map to work too as sometimes I don't have internet connection to get Google map to work properly.
  2. Bro, can share where you ordered this?
  3. can this be retrofit on CLA200? how much?
  4. Wonder if you can retrofit NTG 5.0 for CLA200? How much? What's the damage if I want to add-on iPhone mirroring?
  5. I am wondering if you can retrofit NTG5.0 for CLA200? How much? If I add on iPhone mirroring, how much more?