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  1. It depends on where and what price of a better engine oil (e.g. Motul's Motul 8100 X-Cess 5W40 which is certified for Mercedes-Benz standard 229.5) one is able to get. Shell Helix Ultra does NOT meet MB-Approved 229.5 standard.
  2. I have been doing UOA in the past and Shell Helix Ultra is not really a W40 oil (very low end of the spec) and break down starts before 15,000km for sure. MobilOne is not much better. For the kind of price, might as well use better EO. Note: There is a $50 disposal of UO charge if BYOO and may void warranty of engine (hence I specifically stated bringing Motul EO certified for Mercedes-Benz Specs).
  3. Serious? I did check if I can bring own Motul engine oil (specifically certified for Mercedes-Benz use) and there's no issue to do so leh.
  4. Perhaps stock up some of the consumable parts from main stockists will help lower cost of maintenance. Even a set of wipers is significantly cheaper. Mind to share the full list of items changed? I don't mind to check out price and bulk purchase for fellow A-class drivers.
  5. I remember seeing a bro with white A250 during two meet-ups. But I cannot remember his name. Anyone knows?
  6. Well, the Mercedes case is just one of the more recent case. I have been using drive recorders for >8 years now, started off with importing from Japan - Fujitsu TEN DREC2000 when drive recorders are rare and few and most workshops do not carry quality ones like Fujitsu TEN (cost me S$900+/set), then Korean ones like FineVue, Lukas, etc. Some of the BlackVue models have a long history of issues such as overheating causing auto shutdown, sensitive to type/quality of SD/microSD, fail to write when cabin temperature is high and still not fully resolved despite several revision. Its external battery pack is also random luck of issues. Anyway, just sharing so that others make informed decisions. I definitely agrees that having a trusted workshop to do electrical wiring is very important. Have seen over the decade cases of battery drain due to wrong wiring, not to mention the consequences of it (affected other areas of the car).
  7. Fuel Empty light up this morning. Shows this current tank has clocked 519.6km now. Minus distance from home to work place this morning (est 15km), I think it's decent, using the tire pressure shared above. Upload photo later as it keeps getting error of size too big now uploading direct from phone.
  8. I would strong advice using 'Power Magic Pro' or any form of external battery pack. You can check with C&C as there was a case in 2015 where the battery pack exploded and caused damage to the interior (not sure if other circuitry is affected or not). C&C rejected claims and probably may have void warranty (partial) too which is common across few authorised distributors/agents here for few makes.
  9. Based on what I understand, CarPlay is only available with Comand NTG (I think it may be NTG5 for the 2016 models, similar to the C180 2016 models). Audio 20 will not be able to support CarPlay. But I may be wrong though. Still researching on this topic as I would much like to have CarPlay (esp. with iOS 10 coming which spots lots of useful functions to use via CarPlay) but my ride is Nov 2015 model so it is another set of challenges.
  10. Thanks for sharing. I have been running on 250 front, 240 rear for approx. 6000km now. Will probably give your front pressure a try at next nitro-top up.
  11. Tire pressure may varies after a drive and weather conditions. Let it rest overnight and when first drive out in the morning, quickly check the pressure (TPMS requires to run a short while - think 4-5 mins, before it will show the readings). The variation should not be too much. I have been running on Nitro (previous car as well as this current A180) since 1000km (when in early to switch to Nitro). The variations between tires should not be this wide under normal circumstances. But over time, it does since it is dependent on driving style (e.g. frequent hard cornering/bends) and road conditions.
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