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  1. no difference. just make sure the control modules are the same as the one you currently have.
  2. Hi, is your piggyback still available? Is it suitable for CLA 200? 

  3. bump! Unleash the power without voiding your warranty! Fits A/CLA/GLA 180 and 200!
  4. routey

    CLA180 AMG Line

    let me know if you're interested in a piggyback! currently on my A Class but it will fit your CLA as well
  5. this will fit CLA/GLA as well. for 180 and 200 only.
  6. Hi All, I have on hand an Exclusive Motorsports piggyback for A180/A200. Bought from Benzline less than a year ago (my ride just turned 1 year old). Letting go at $xxx - cash and carry. Currently still using it on my car. PM me if you're interested. Thank you. SOLD!
  7. quite frankly, i wouldn't be too worried about slight vibrations during cold start that will go off. my personal experience on the engine mounts needing replacement will be the vibrations can be felt all the time on idle, even after the engine is warmed up.
  8. lots of them in the market. do a google search. the ones meant for 200 and 250 will fit as well.
  9. nope. my car is less than 6 months old
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