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  1. I was also offered the extended warranty. Still thinking. Mileage at 23k for 32 months old w205.
  2. very nice set of rims!!
  3. Can check with jdm autocare. They having promo for amg and c63 kit for w205. My previous f10 kit done by them. Very pleased with their work.
  4. Thanks for sharing!! I am going to send mine to agent next week... I have this petrol smell every morning after more then 12 hours of parking...
  5. So it's not necessary to go back to agent ? Mbm can do cheaper ? Agent is damn ex for the steering wheel lock issue.
  6. Usually when we insert the key.. there is a sound.. is there a sound?? If no sound, most probably is steering wheel lock. Mine failed me on 9th June...send in same day.. collected the next day.
  7. Sold. Mod pls close thread. Thanks !
  8. Ok. Do update me when the time come thanks
  9. Looking for the above. Trying to facelift my 2009 w204. Kindky pm yr asking price. Thanks.
  10. mine is 2009 c180, i went to cnc, the sa tell me can be the insert key that part faulty too...its all up to me to change the steering lock if i want to. now i am thinking....he did mentioned to me, if its steering lock faulty, there will be fault code, anyone can confirm? i feel he trying to tiger me
  11. Just talked to ah heng from autospritze. If occurs too frequent... its the so called green key issue... last time once a mth.. lately its twice abt 8 to 10 days
  12. I have this issue this morning too... insert key.. cant start... i removed it.. have the click sound then insert.. it starts again... happened to me 8 days ago and today...wonder what is it
  13. Hi i have this sound too. It happened after i put my cellink battery pack right below my steering inside the plastic cover. My audio shop manage to shift the cellink pack and the tek tek sound is gone. But today i went to remove the cellink pack and the tek tek sound came back. Will go back to my audio shop and remove the plastic and see whats wrong Sometimes it might just be the most simple thing that make the sound and not undercarriage
  14. Now i got the rear boot issue settled.. trying to figure out why my batt went totally flat today... My blackvue is link to cellink and only start engine then will charge up the cellink. Any others encounter battery totally flat? Battery was changed end of sept this year