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  1. I went to the global Daimler site and wrote an email to their "Contact" mailbox, [email protected] One of the global managers responded the following day.
  2. Quick update - C&C has agreed to change the instrument for free, after I banged the table at Daimler AG Germany. Like finally....
  3. I'd agree if it's the windscreen or side windows. But this is inside the car, not exposed to any external hazard. Moreover it's is well shielded on all corners, and there is the steering wheel right in front of it that blocks out almost all accidental hand movements. Lastly it's a panel that we don't even have to touch at all; any odometer reset is done via the steering wheel. There is very little chance of an external impact. To be honest, I don't think anyone in the right mind would damage the cluster. There is definitely a higher possibility that this particular piece of panel or material is defective, no doubt about it. I don't agree that the onus is on the consumers to prove that it is defective before we can claim under the warranty. If not, the warranty is useless, be it for electrical items, houses, whatever. Consumers have to spend time proving the defects while companies sit back and laugh at us for trying to make claims?! That's pure ridiculous. Consumers should be protected.
  4. they will claim it has never happened to their other tens of thousands cars on the road, and so it is not covered under the warranty. that's what i keep hearing when i spoke to them.
  5. Exactly! I'm really starting to doubt the quality of the car. and C&C is really not helpful at all.
  6. A few weeks back, I noticed a crack in my instrument cluster. This is really rare. I've been driving for many years, and have driven several cars and brands before, and this is the first time I've seen the instrument cluster cracked. Speaks a lot about the quality we are paying for. I went down to C&C yesterday, hoping that they can replace it since it's still under warranty. Surprise surprise, they claimed the warranty does not cover cracks, and I have to pay more than $2,000 to get it changed?! Seriously?! Can't believe the kind of service and quality i'm paying for this "premium brand"!
  7. C&C offers free nitrogen topup at all 3 service centers. Just pop in for a 5 mins job. I do that every month.
  8. Yours is much cheaper. I did mine last month. Came up to $500! they did engine flush, added fuel additive and topped up cleaning agent, on top of the ones you've listed. I feel like a carrot....
  9. It's actually stated on the Mercedes SG website. "Apple® CarPlay® is due to become available from early 2016."
  10. Received a text from C&C this morning. the new A-Class is launched from $135,000 onwards.
  11. Hi, may I know which workshop can install this GPS into Audio 20 screen?
  12. Tried that a couple of times... My sponge turned totally black. I had to throw it away..
  13. Nothing of the unusual, really. A sponge, a normal car shampoo that I bought from a petrol station and a chamois cloth to dry the car. My car is parked in an open carpark most of the time. I guess water marks can't be helped in this sense, but I was rather disappointed that they started appearing after only a week or two.
  14. I do wash my car every week, FYI. Maybe I'm not as hardcore as you are to do it 2 to 3x a week, but I do make it a point to wash it once a week. Might be worth more cents (sense) to ask more before jumping to a conclusion.
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