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  1. The funny thing is the CLA180 SB was courtesy car when I send in my w246 for the low tut tut engine sound and also squeaking sound from the front wheels (bushings). When I drove the CLA180 SB out from service centre (haven't top up tank yet), immediately I experience the exact same 2 issues which I reported for my w246!? LOL
  2. recently drove the CLA180 SB on Ron95 and it also had the same mild and low sound volume dull thut-thut engine sound at 1200-1400rpm when cruising at 60-70 km/h or when accelerating on a slop...perhaps its the enginner behaviour the As Bs CLAs.
  3. Same experience. SA called and say less than 20% and need to change at my 60k servicing. After changing, I checked my 15k 30k 45k record and all reported front brake is >50%. 90% of my mileage is on expressway and seldom use frequent hard braking. I personally suspect must be they have some sort of "parts sales quota" to meet. Next time I shall ask then to send photograph before ask them to change.
  4. Having the exact experience for my w246 face lift. Was on esso95 for first 10,000km, then switch to Caltex Ron95 between 10,000km till today 50,000km. Started to hear a very mild and low sound volume dull thut-thut engine sound specifically only at 1200rpm (the peak torque rpm) when speed is 50-60km/h for eco, comfort and sports mode. Other rpm is still smooth sound acceleration. This seems to imply that car do not favour light footed slow acceleration at 1200rpm. Last week went pandan loop service centre to check, technician test drive and say its engineer pinging and ask me to try ron 98. Car specs stated need Ron95 and not ron98 leh...does this mean if enginee down due to pinging on Ron95 means we can claim warranty?
  5. Yes. Same issue ("no internet connection") after uninstall and reinstall 3 times.
  6. "hmm.....even without the AA app on the phone, just by doing a Bluetooth sync to the ICE, doesn't it give me the same functionality to project audio over the car speaker?" Yes. You are only using the Bluetooth sync to project phone audio to iCE audio. Exactly the same as beaming your phone music to your Bluetooth speaker or home audio system. "ororare you saying with the AA app on the phone, the audio and visual will be paired to the ICE and you can have (e.g.) the google map on the 8-inch display? " Only phone audio to iCE audio, no visuals sync to ice visuals even u have Google map installed on iCE. (You want both audio and visuals sync to ice, u need AA to be installed in your ICE and Phone. Same requirements when syncing between a Mac app and a iPhone app for example.)
  7. At this early adoption stage by car manufactures of apple carplay or ANDRIOD auto, this ICE function is still not a standard feature in Singapore. Probably still considered a premium feature that needs to pay $$$$ to the authorized dealer or $$ to the third party installer risking your warranty. Maybe this will be standard feature in all cars in few years time just like having cameras in mobile phone.
  8. No, you do not require the AA app in the ICE. (If you could download AA app into ICE, then you would be able to cmuse AA directly from the ICE and we won't have this problem posted in this forum... Lol) The Phone AA works in the exact same way as you play your phone audio (eg music, phone calls) to your car ICE via Bluetooth connection. Phone Bluetooth connect to Car Bluetooth. Phone sound output transmit to car via Bluetooth and you hear it from your car speaker. (Mp3 music, phone calls,). Phone DO NOT transmit Visuals to car via Bluetooth. ONLY AUDIO is transmitted. You can use the Google voice commands in the phone AA by saying "Ok Google", wiat for Google assistant to response to you "what can I do for you", then u say "navigate to Changi airport", next your phone will open Google map and show u the navigations to Changi airport on your phone display. Bonus tip1: the alternative to activate Google assistant by saying "ok google" would be to press the "mic" button on your steering wheel control. Bonus tip2: you can say "Ok Google what's app David see you at 5pm later." And AA will send the David the what's app message! Hands free! Free voice command vs the $10k command line option Upgrade! Go download and explore the app, it's very productive and fun even without the visuals to the car heads up display!
  9. For andriod users, you can go to this apk website to download andriod auto into your phone. (Android auto is not available in singapore google playstore.) Once installed, you will be able use your phone as the Android auto device usi g your phone mic and speaker and phone display. If you connect your phone to your car Bluetooth, Voice command and audio output will be through your car speaker and mic. Visual will still be your phone only, cannot project to your car display.
  10. Pandan loop serves complimentary delifrance pastry (good for breakfast), coffee, and osim massage chair. Alexandra also serve complimentary coffee. Not sure if the makan are free bec I have not try before -- u can ask them when u check in ur car.
  11. Yes, I did for mine for 7 times already. can use ur service credit. Abt $15-17 bucks. Fyi, Alexandra always have to wait avg 2 hours just to rotate even at 3pm off peak hrs.. Pandan loop is bet Bec wait abt avg 30min wait during lunch hours.
  12. Model: W246 (10 months old, still in warranty) Car Camera: Using CnC default camera and hence has no no carpark mode recording, Mileage: 27000km (avg 100km per day, 75% of time on expressway) Situation: Last Friday ,drive for 30min, stop engine with hazard lights & radio on to wait for 10 minutes. After 10minutes, engine could not start. Called C&C 24hr roadside assistance and diagnosed as main battery under voltage. (Auto Start-Stop function already not "green" for a month already). Roadside assistance said battery weaken within 1 year bec of "battery abuse" -- on hazard lights, on radio, charge phone while engine is off. Roadside assistance jump-start my engine and asked me to drive for 30-45min to recharge the battery and check if next day morning can restart. Next day morning, engine cannot start (battery flat again), called roadside assistance again and this time he loan me a battery so that i can still drive on weekends and to workshop on Monday to check. I am new to cars. Can anyone advise is the reason "battery abuse" given a valid cause?(i do charge my mobile phone, listen my phone spotify via bluetooth in the car with the ENGINE OFF for 15min waiting per working day)
  13. Am not familiar with RFT. Can I ask in your run flat tyre incidents, were you driving with a fully deflated tyre? Car manual says can still drive at 60-70km/h for 40-50km on a deflated RFT.
  14. Agreed! A45 the most fun drive!
  15. Rear bumper kissed with minor screw head embossing. Any workshop to recommend for this minor fix instead of sprayimg whole bumper?