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  1. 90,0000 km clocked in the last 3 yrs. no issue with DCT, in fact gear shifting is now significantly smoother than before (really smooth like silk or like cvt) after recent software upgrade during servicing.
  2. if u ever used rain-x, you can just apply a "thin layer on your wipers", will remove the juttering. "thin layer on your wipers" = thin layer of rain-x on wiper?
  3. For those who are using AA on the mobile phone, Waze is now available (just few days ago) on the Mobile Phone version of Android Auto. You just need to update your WAZE app on your mobile phone. AA is not available on Singapore Google PlayStore. I installed mine by downloading the APK from Have been using this for 1 year plus already.
  4. Rain water droplets will definitely form/stick on windscreen bec this glaco product would have already remove the water Repellant coating (rain, X) on your windscreen. I choose no juddering over water beading on the windscreen.
  5. PM u my self-made private video.
  6. Yes. Just received via registered mail for my w246 face lift 2016 batch.
  7. My wipers used to have juddering issue. Asking CnC to polish also no use. I tried using this to clean the windscreen and then no more juddering. Am aleady on 3rd set original wipers and has been using the merc windscreen washer fluid. Note: there was once I went for a detailing and they apply some water Repellant coating on the windscreen. Slight juddering came back and did not go away for 3 months. Complain to the detailer and they polish and remove the "rain-x" on the windscreen and then No More juddering so far for last 3 months Conclusion for my case: Water Repellant coating is the root cause.
  8. my B class (w246) also have tick tick sound when drive over very rough roads. Recently become soft dull tock tock sound during low speed or turning. Did some experiments and found that these sounds are gone when the rear seats are folded down.
  9. Lol... Encounter something similar when CnC procided a CLA SB courtesy car for my B class. The courtesy car has the same exact issue as the one essential I reported for my B class.
  10. The funny thing is the CLA180 SB was courtesy car when I send in my w246 for the low tut tut engine sound and also squeaking sound from the front wheels (bushings). When I drove the CLA180 SB out from service centre (haven't top up tank yet), immediately I experience the exact same 2 issues which I reported for my w246!? LOL
  11. recently drove the CLA180 SB on Ron95 and it also had the same mild and low sound volume dull thut-thut engine sound at 1200-1400rpm when cruising at 60-70 km/h or when accelerating on a slop...perhaps its the enginner behaviour the As Bs CLAs.
  12. Same experience. SA called and say less than 20% and need to change at my 60k servicing. After changing, I checked my 15k 30k 45k record and all reported front brake is >50%. 90% of my mileage is on expressway and seldom use frequent hard braking. I personally suspect must be they have some sort of "parts sales quota" to meet. Next time I shall ask then to send photograph before ask them to change.
  13. Having the exact experience for my w246 face lift. Was on esso95 for first 10,000km, then switch to Caltex Ron95 between 10,000km till today 50,000km. Started to hear a very mild and low sound volume dull thut-thut engine sound specifically only at 1200rpm (the peak torque rpm) when speed is 50-60km/h for eco, comfort and sports mode. Other rpm is still smooth sound acceleration. This seems to imply that car do not favour light footed slow acceleration at 1200rpm. Last week went pandan loop service centre to check, technician test drive and say its engineer pinging and ask me to try ron 98. Car specs stated need Ron95 and not ron98 leh...does this mean if enginee down due to pinging on Ron95 means we can claim warranty?
  14. Yes. Same issue ("no internet connection") after uninstall and reinstall 3 times.
  15. "hmm.....even without the AA app on the phone, just by doing a Bluetooth sync to the ICE, doesn't it give me the same functionality to project audio over the car speaker?" Yes. You are only using the Bluetooth sync to project phone audio to iCE audio. Exactly the same as beaming your phone music to your Bluetooth speaker or home audio system. "ororare you saying with the AA app on the phone, the audio and visual will be paired to the ICE and you can have (e.g.) the google map on the 8-inch display? " Only phone audio to iCE audio, no visuals sync to ice visuals even u have Google map installed on iCE. (You want both audio and visuals sync to ice, u need AA to be installed in your ICE and Phone. Same requirements when syncing between a Mac app and a iPhone app for example.)