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  1. Pandan loop serves complimentary delifrance pastry (good for breakfast), coffee, and osim massage chair. Alexandra also serve complimentary coffee. Not sure if the makan are free bec I have not try before -- u can ask them when u check in ur car.
  2. Yes, I did for mine for 7 times already. can use ur service credit. Abt $15-17 bucks. Fyi, Alexandra always have to wait avg 2 hours just to rotate even at 3pm off peak hrs.. Pandan loop is bet Bec wait abt avg 30min wait during lunch hours.
  3. Model: W246 (10 months old, still in warranty) Car Camera: Using CnC default camera and hence has no no carpark mode recording, Mileage: 27000km (avg 100km per day, 75% of time on expressway) Situation: Last Friday ,drive for 30min, stop engine with hazard lights & radio on to wait for 10 minutes. After 10minutes, engine could not start. Called C&C 24hr roadside assistance and diagnosed as main battery under voltage. (Auto Start-Stop function already not "green" for a month already). Roadside assistance said battery weaken within 1 year bec of "battery abuse" -- on hazard lights, on radio, charge phone while engine is off. Roadside assistance jump-start my engine and asked me to drive for 30-45min to recharge the battery and check if next day morning can restart. Next day morning, engine cannot start (battery flat again), called roadside assistance again and this time he loan me a battery so that i can still drive on weekends and to workshop on Monday to check. I am new to cars. Can anyone advise is the reason "battery abuse" given a valid cause?(i do charge my mobile phone, listen my phone spotify via bluetooth in the car with the ENGINE OFF for 15min waiting per working day)
  4. Am not familiar with RFT. Can I ask in your run flat tyre incidents, were you driving with a fully deflated tyre? Car manual says can still drive at 60-70km/h for 40-50km on a deflated RFT.
  5. Agreed! A45 the most fun drive!
  6. Rear bumper kissed with minor screw head embossing. Any workshop to recommend for this minor fix instead of sprayimg whole bumper?
  7. no lah, not engineer or mathematician... was also just trying to answer my own curosity over the FC thingy and sharing my own observations.
  8. I make some observations on my fuel consumption based on 25min to travel 6km (heavy slow traffic on expressway and 2 traffic lights) and another 10min to travel 10km at expressway cruuising 70km/h.Simplistic formula to roughly estimate ur fuel consumption based on time spent on city and expressway as follows: (12L/100km x T25 + 6L/100km x T70)/(T25 + T75) = 10.2 L/100km. Where T25 = 25 min spent travelling at average 25km/h due to stop go traffic lights or expressway heavy jams. T70 = 10 min spent cruising at 70km/h at expressway. In summary, ur FC is heavily dependant on the proportionn of time spent at slow heavy jams or stop go traffic. I was able achieve consistently, comfort mode with auto start stop off, 6-7 L/100km everyday (45km/trip = 25min 6km at 25km/h w 12L/100km FC for jams from Punggol to KPE tunnel entrance + 35min 40km at 70km/h w 5-5.5 L/100km FC for KPE MCE AYE). My 6mths mileage is 15000km already and hence is able to make this rough observation quite confidently. Hope this helps.
  9. Yes 10-12L/100km is normal if u r driving in stop-go expressway traffic jam or in places with traffic lights.
  10. Where to buy nice Handphone.holder for Round aircon vents for W246 B class face lift?
  11. Steering has sports mode (heavier) and comfort mode (lighter).
  12. The FL b class dynamic select only alters the gear changes, no suspension changes. A. Ecomony mode. Gear changes whenever hit 2000rpm. B. Comfort mode. Gear changes at higher 2500-3000 rpm. C. Sports mode. I think changes at 5000rpm. Not sure as only use it once a blue moon when getting bored.
  13. Yes is normal. - Always defaulted to Comfort mode when restart engine after Parking over long period (dunnoe how many hours,maybe 3-4hrs) such a overnight. -Always retained the last mode when restart engine after parking just a short while.(maybe less than 3-4 hours) B class facelift model.
  14. $16 after discount using service credits.
  15. Thanks all for the advise! Just went to pandan loop tyre shop last week to rotate tyre. Btw, how can you check that the tyre shop really did a N2 conversion to ur tyres?