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  1. i have this issue too when the car is moving but it will go away when the car is stationary .. still trying to figure out where the sound is coming from..
  2. wow.. i saw my butt pic
  3. Thanks all ! Great run. Really enjoyed. Except for the jam
  4. better not.. i scared i couldn't control myself
  5. NSHW Morning Run 1) snsd555 2) chris 3) odessus 4) markcwq 5) keltanky 6) yc3333 7) blackmerc 8) paladin 9) tekku 10) merczai (lai liao lo.. finally ) GTG Only 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) odessus mei mei is coming ~
  6. Jia lat .. Everyone asking me odessus wanna join group chat not ... Guys please ask on your own This is getting out of hand ... ... Lol anyway i should be able to make it on sat 19
  7. great.. cant wait to see all the bros come with excitement on their faces
  8. are u single and available sis? i cancelled my flight le.. anyway if i cant make it i just ask my sister come over ok?
  9. cant make it.. celebrating xmas in china got a bunch of new group sgmerc members emerging from whatsapp.. let me ask them
  10. doesnt need to remove brake calipers to spray except for rims, all my cars' brake calipers and rims are sprayed by the boss sherwin himself.
  11. just sign the papers on c200 amg line diamond white ETA mar'16 comes with para roof,electric rear blinders , left right rear door blinder, gps, in car camera front and back(3 years warranty), $2000 service credit , huper optik , 2 times nano polish . almost squeeze out heads up display . haha. but still overall a happy owner price is confidental should look something like this i guess
  12. once i was driving my 2007 c200k to tampines with my mum and after which she drove it back to kallang with the car key still inside my pocket. then when she reach kallang she called me and gave me hell and had to drive back to tampines to collect the car key from me. no prompting or warning at all , but after i change ride to e250 coupe and w212 sedan whenever i leave the car with my keys it will prompt me saying something like car key not detected.