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  1. Went for 45k service. C&C said need to replace front brake pads and rotor. $1.1k.... Any 3rd party workshop to recommend?
  2. Thanks for all the advice here. Will opt out cabin filter. Going for 30k service soon. Any idea roughly how much?
  3. Yes. Wind noise penetrate thru the windows at 80kmh. Tried the strip into the window frame. Skill no good. Will drop out after wome time.
  4. China is left hand drive. It will be great if have right hand. Can share link
  5. C-shape and Y-shape are tail lights ma. Personally i find the c nicer than y.
  6. Fyi. Mine is pre fl a180. Ah boon need to do some minor surgery on the grille to fit in the merc logo.
  7. FL A180 tan dio. Cheaper car nicer lights bigger screen. Congrats.
  8. I also curious about the car play. Saw the storage box with 2 usb. Seems like carplay is available. Better go check w your se.
  9. Finally went to see the FL a180. Best improvement is the LCD screen.
  10. Will take 2 hours +/-. Need to dismantle front bumper and minor operation. Better check w ah boon from Autospritze on price as mine was done some time ago.
  11. I would like to check with you whether the service credits is tied to the car or to personal name?
  12. Thanks for complement. Sewing still not so bad. Just need patience. I find tucking in the excess that a bit tricky.
  13. http://b.mashort.cn/h.7MgeX?sm=6e7cfd Bot from taobao. Can't rem which shop. Something like the above. 3hrs of hard work and patience