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  1. hi bro can you use Merc voice command to locate the address via map
  2. After watching Mr JWW, i found out more hidden voice commands that you can use inside your W205FL below are two clips - do share if your found out any new ones
  3. are u on the SGMERC C Klass telegram chat ? if you want to be in, kindly send either me or Dark Saint your car details , then we can add you in
  4. 1) got money, buy legit forged from approved / famouse workshop if not so much money, get flow forming (conti brands - made in europe) if less money, get those (made in taiwan / china) but still "branded" if no money, stay stock - get better tyres 2) yes will affect, 18 /19 , traditional tyres vs RFT, also the width of your tyre affect 3) realistic 95 is good enough, but most pump 98. quite a big debate, SPC 98 vs Shell 95 / Esso equvialent . i will take SPC 98 over 95. that is my 69 cents though. more importantly get the correct credit card / petrol station discount card - do your homework 4) quite a few workshop - just see their FB pics - alternative come to SGMERC MU, quite a few bros, zhng . u can see first hand ....
  5. bro, you have better luck if you know buddies in the car insurance, they can help u find him
  6. hi, can you send me a PM with your car details, let me add you inside SGMERC W177 / A klass telegram chat the guys inside maybe able to assist you more
  7. hi, welcome to SGMERC kindly send me a PM with your car details so i can add you to the SGMERC GLA TELEGRAM chat
  8. Hi Bro, just double check, this one for C&C W205 FL - ? https://www.satnavishop.co.uk/2018-2019-mercedes-ntg55-new-c-e-cls-class-map-pilot-sat-nav-sd-card-southeast-asia-a2139062207-887-p.asp
  9. https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/motoring/peachy-powerhouse
  10. https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/motoring/merc-with-an-attitude
  11. Hi, are u inside SGMERC W205 FL telegram chat ? if not, please PM me your car details
  12. PM me your car details
  13. hi, are u in SG or America?
  14. welcome, do get yourself onto SGMERC telegram chat
  15. welcome to SGMERC, do get yourself onto the SGMERC telegram chat where we share MU details
  16. Nice kena first recall liao better call your AD to make appointment https://www.productsafety.gov.au/recall/mercedes-benz-australia-pacific-pty-ltd-mercedes-benz-c-class-my2018-and-my2019?fbclid=IwAR28t5A3M_VHUg8Fb8y3FGbpQs7uEImKYhz95mEWUAB7p-U1sMVekI4q2f8
  17. if Fiat & Renault deal goes through, potentially you can see Fiat Engine, gearbox, etc inside your future Mercedes
  18. My SE told me, after you clear 1500KM, you are free to rev and engage Sports n Sport+ Mode since this is a public forumn, my advice is always keep to "OFFICIAL SPEED LIMIT" both in Singapore n Malaysia roads if you are worried and choose to practice what old birds do, my advice, just bring back to C&C midway to your official service to get EO change. C&C will know what to do, what EO to use