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  1. ??? W205FL is sold from dec 2018 what are u talking about ?
  2. SGMERC car decals stocks are back please collect your free SGMERC car decals from any SGMERC Admin / mod
  3. get it check by your trusted workshop - esp the mileage if C&C Car, insist on the full service records
  4. diesel car = high mileage then "worth it" what is your average yearly mileage?
  5. I am not related to Boss Seb from Maxhaust , but i know many SGMERC bro went to install "speakers" with him. from small engine CLA 180 (MBUX) to A35 so far, no complains / horror story. do call Seb 82332281 - quote Rick (SGMERC) - confirm best service disclaimer (i do not get any commission or cut) MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER - SWITCH OFF YOUR SPEAKERS WHEN YOU ARE AT LTA
  6. Congrats W205 FL C43? will you like to be on SGMERC C klass telegram chat ? if so, please PM me your details
  7. quite a few interesting facts about W205FL 1.5MH over at this page / topic - page 3/4 -
  8. i gave up on their maps, in fact, for W205FL, no more Mercs map build in - i ask my SE, she just say use Google Maps / Waze better - knn, CLA MBUX - Mercedes map very nice - C&C give 3 yrs free update yes, C&C service is disgraceful there was a case, member kbkb inside SGMERC telegram went to complain to Daimler SG - they also tai-chi, push back to Cycle to handle. my personal experience, dun bother with all these complain email - want to solve problems go via back door - but you need to know someone higher up in the C&C (Republic Auto) food chain and get them do it for you. Complain email wont cut it for them.
  9. Boss, i went to C&C C klass event last yr, i specifically ask the Host (C&C staff), he comsperm that it will be available for SG market this year, (free of charge) but till now no news ... sian there are a few Q&A sessions on FB the past 1-2 wks, i have shared the link , - you should copy the F up reply from C&C and show the world - someone higher in the food chain will reply
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