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  1. MEET-UP FRIDAY 08 SEPTEMBER 2017 LOCATION: KALLANG LEISURE PARK (IN FRONT OF BURGER KING) FROM 9.30 PM onwards Been a while since we last did one. Let’s revive this again, and talk about our next event that is coming up real soon as well. Keep up the momentum!! 1. Jimmy (Old Uncle E63 hybrid) 2. Alvin (STOCK C180) 3. Ron (E300 red chrome special edition) 4. Jameson (Boss Huat Huat E250) 5. Stan (Red AMG C. The Number 01) 6. Alex (Grey C200, Suspension as high as monster truck) 7. Dan (last min got stuff will try pop by if permit, sorry guys!) 8. Jeremy (STOCK black C180) 9. JonX (C643.18) 10. Mighel (C350e need to park near electrical outlet) 11. TJ (C200, stock of stock) 12. Alex (S300, Big Boss) 13. Dennis (No. 13) (Can meet earlier at 8 pm plus) 14. Jimmy (Grey E class) 15. Alvin (Probably the most pollutive CLA here) 16. Raymond (C180 blue YHI boss) 17. pierre (CLA180 need to park somewhere where pple won't touch the car) 18. Billy (GLC 250) 19. Jeffery (E200 Cavansite Blue) 20.william (cla200) if time allow will pop by 🤘😁 21. JM (CLA200) 22. Ceno (C200) 23. Bentley (C250 Coupe) 24. Tony (C180, Black Edition) 25. Roxxi (GLA 69) 26. Alex 555
  2. awesome, thank you for signing up. will add you to the private whatsapp chat once it is up