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  1. Hi.

    Do drop me a PM for C klass telegram.



  2. hi bro can you use Merc voice command to locate the address via map
  3. After watching Mr JWW, i found out more hidden voice commands that you can use inside your W205FL below are two clips - do share if your found out any new ones
  4. are u on the SGMERC C Klass telegram chat ? if you want to be in, kindly send either me or Dark Saint your car details , then we can add you in
  5. 1) got money, buy legit forged from approved / famouse workshop if not so much money, get flow forming (conti brands - made in europe) if less money, get those (made in taiwan / china) but still "branded" if no money, stay stock - get better tyres 2) yes will affect, 18 /19 , traditional tyres vs RFT, also the width of your tyre affect 3) realistic 95 is good enough, but most pump 98. quite a big debate, SPC 98 vs Shell 95 / Esso equvialent . i will take SPC 98 over 95. that is my 69 cents though. more importantly get the correct credit card / petrol station discount card - do your homework 4) quite a few workshop - just see their FB pics - alternative come to SGMERC MU, quite a few bros, zhng . u can see first hand ....
  6. bro, you have better luck if you know buddies in the car insurance, they can help u find him
  7. hi, can you send me a PM with your car details, let me add you inside SGMERC W177 / A klass telegram chat the guys inside maybe able to assist you more
  8. hi, welcome to SGMERC kindly send me a PM with your car details so i can add you to the SGMERC GLA TELEGRAM chat
  9. Hi Bro, just double check, this one for C&C W205 FL - ? https://www.satnavishop.co.uk/2018-2019-mercedes-ntg55-new-c-e-cls-class-map-pilot-sat-nav-sd-card-southeast-asia-a2139062207-887-p.asp