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  1. For those who had changed to 19", any significant drop in comfort? What tire size combinations do you use?
  2. For those who had changed to 19", any significant drop in comfort? What tire size combinations do you use?
  3. Anyone here waiting for their rides in the next 1-2 months? I had booked last Dec, counting down to delivery... I regretted my choice of SE but anyway what's done is done. The coupe was launched here more than 2 years ago right... surprised there aren't much discussions here, was hoping to see an active discussion on mods, more photos etc. I've got some items I like to find out: 1) What's the stock 17" tyres that came with the car? What's the feedback - I read online that run flats are heavier and not so lasting. 2) Any "must do" or recommended or common mods to do? I remember reading somewhere that the stock wiper blades has a common issue on juttering and can be resolved by changing the blades for after market ones. 3) What's the grade of Huper Optik solar films that C&C gives? 4) Any recommended/reputable merc workshops in the West? With warranty restrictions lifted starting this year, there's no real must to go C&C for normal servicing especially unless they start charging more competitive rates and better turn around time. 5) Is there a boot tray/tub/liner for the coupe? I tried looking online and it seems that while there is one for the sedan, there doesn't seem to be any made for the coupe.
  4. Yeah I've heard Eisenmann exhausts in real life on BMW too and it still sounds great. So I was assuming that in general their exhausts should be like this no matter the car make. Would like to know if any members here had changed to Eisenmann and able to comment or let us hear in person
  5. So far have only seen news online about facelift for C class later this year. The only changes I could tell - new design centre console touch pad and steering wheel (these are what the new A class will have) and what looks like new headlights.
  6. I've checked with the workshop, will cost around $2800 for LTA compliant Eisenmann exhaust (with heat shield bracket for right side mounting). Anyone else interested?
  7. I have an Eisenmann muffler (LTA compliant) on my Scirocco and never regreted it. I had compared a few common exhaust brands before deciding on the Eisenmann because in my opinion its sound is damn shiok... I love it because it has a low bassy tune. I wouldn't say it is considered loud (not like Ferrari/Lambo kind for sure) but noticable for passerby to hear it. If possible I would love to get an Eisenmann exhaust again for my incoming W205 coupe. I actually looked up their website before but it doesn't state an available model for the W205 coupe though. Since you mentioned that you had checked with a dealer, it got me searching again online and I found this: You can hear the sound from the video. Is this the dealer you had contacted? From the video it appears to be the coupe and I'm now very interested to find out more
  8. The photo I posted of the red merc is similar to those I just found here: Any owners here who has these rims can share the specs? Otherwise I'll probably have to pm some of them to ask.
  9. I didn't think of going to a tyre shop to ask as I paiseh to ask questions on whether this or that spec can fit my ride if I'm not going to purchase anything from them. I've been to a few shops and I don't see anything I fancy from what they have to offer. I was thinking of checking out rims I like online and then see whether they can fit, before checking with tyre shops whether they have that model available or can bring it in. Thanks for sharing, but your specs I believe are based on rims that look the same for all 4? As in the rear rims aren't concave/deep set in compared with the front right? I don't have any plans to lower the ride as I'm quite happy with the ride comfort now.
  10. Looking for some advice on staggered rim set up from anyone who has experience doing this before. I'm driving the W204 C180 Coupe with AMG 18" rims as part of the AMG Sports package option. The specs are: Front - 225/40 R18, 18x8, offset 50 Rear - 255/35 R18, 18x8.5, offset 54 I want to change to a set of rims where the rear rims has that deep set look: I was browing for rims online and come across these specs: Front - 18x8, offset 40 Rear - 18x9, offset 30 Does it sound right for a fit on my ride? I tried this website and it does look fine, but this is my first time going for the staggered rear rim deep set look and I guess I want to make sure by asking for advice here so that I don't end up making a mistake choosing the wrong rims. Thanks so much!