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  1. Try this first: Then drive around like an old lady for the next couple of days. It will shift at below 2000rpm again
  2. Yes if you choose an A class you're not going to get the pillowy ride of your previous car. In fact in the past decade, the trend is for mercedes to design their cars with sharper handling at the expense of comfort - the W211 to W212 E class is a good example of that. Take it as you sacrifice some comfort, you get a sporty feel with less body roll. Sadly this is a real issue. Whenever I see one of us A class or CLA drivers going over a hump I notice we have to slow down a lot more than other people. In my experience, using Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres instead of the Bridgestone RFTs helped a lot. Was surprised at how big a difference it was. Also keep your tyres pumped to 250 front 220 rear instead of 250 all round. The suspension doesn't really soften up after use. I guess that in times of extreme desperation, downgrading to 16 inch wheels will make the ride softer. But I don't think anyone would want to do that.
  3. Seems interesting. Where to buy locally? Technically does not meet ECE standards though, but vicom will probably close one eye.
  4. Did a service B recently. Remember to opt out of cabin air filter change. It's easy to DIY and is much cheaper. Ya you should be able to opt for MobilOne because that's what they use for the AMG engines i think?
  5. Seems like every merc of every model running original brake pads since the early 2000s have black front rims. It's just the way these brake pad compounds are...
  6. Thanks joecamel for the recommendation! Got them changed just now. Turns out my rim is warped but I'll leave it as it is for now... anyone else had rim issues on the 17 inch stock rims? new tyres feel a lot less twitchy in the wet, slightly less bumpy and slightly less noisy
  7. Anyone else having problems with front tyres losing traction on uphills/carpark ramps when the ground is wet? Using the original Bridgestone T001 tyres currently. Still have about 5mm on them Any recommendation for tyres that grip well in the wet? Not planning to get run flats this time round. Thanks!
  8. I find that using a bottle of Caltex Techron concentrate midway between servicings causes a small improvement in fuel consumption after that. maybe 0.2l/100km like that
  9. Suspension? Does it make a sound when you get in and out of the car?
  10. I pump about once a month (W176 A class) What I found helps: 1. The higher you pump initially, the longer it takes for it to drop below threshold. Pump as high as you are comfortable with. 2. If you pump your tyres cold, then the fuel filler flap values are not valid in Singapore where ambient temps are 15 deg above Europe. I.e. there's less potential for tyres to 'warm up'. So based on the Ideal gas law (PV=nRT) we should add 15 deg i.e. about 10kpa. 3. If you drive on an unloaded car, use the pressure values specified for a loaded car but use the front-rear difference specified for the unloaded values to preserve balance. e.g. Front Rear (unloaded) 250 220 Front Rear (loaded) 270 270 Then use 270 for the front, but minus the 30 psi difference for the rear, so 240 for rear.
  11. Best effort on a w176 a180. Mix of city and expressway. Aircon off for half the time. Tried my best to keep rpm below 2.2k 501km done in 3/4 tank. Tank to tank calculation is 13.76km/l or 7.27l/100km
  12. The W169 rear is fine la. It's the front that is the problem. Just 1cm more front clearance than an SLS apparently. Just gotta go slow down carpark ramps and over humps.
  13. Any way for me to adjust on my own without getting C&C/Tomo involved?
  14. The hissing sound? It's the same for the W460 W124 W169 W176 ie every automatic transmission Merc I've driven, save for the manual transmission W460.
  15. I wonder if other models with the same mirror (ie CLA/B/C/E/S of same era) have same problem? If yes then it's the wing mirror that's at fault...