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  1. Hi, Selling my Brown W212 which is a great choice for COE renewal for leisure driving. Details of Car: Mercedes-Benz E200 CGI Elegance Nov 2009 Mileage: <96K Fully serviced in C&C, next servicing due at 97K. Even tyres all done in C&C. PQP April at only S$35411 I'm selling at $37999, will handover car in May. PM me for photos.
  2. Almost like new Mercedes-Benz Infant Car Seat (Britax) Bought from MB BOUTIQUE at more than SGD$1K. Letting go at Only $288 now Comes with safety and instruction manual Priced to sell. https://www.mercedes-benz.com.sg/content/singapore/mpc/mpc_singapore_website/enng/home_mpc/passengercars/home/accessories_and_collection/accessories/models/b-class/child_seat.html
  3. I'd think buying from C&C is the best bet if you are concerned bout resale value. When we tried to sell our PI Cayenne a few mths back, value was much much less than AD price. Definitely much lesser than the 'discount' when we first purchase the car. So, definitely going for AD cars from now onwards
  4. HI divads, Do you have any updates for your side mirror tilting issue? We have similar problem with my younger Bro's GLA. After a few ding dongs with the service side, I contacted our SE and he told us to drive in next week direct and he'll assist to liase with the servicing side to resolve the problem. Maybe you wanna try contacting your SE? Ours has been really helpful so far. I think getting your SE to assist may be the next step to go.
  5. Please contact me if there's any interest. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=547609&DL=1000
  6. Hi All, Anyone has any recommendation on where to get diamond front grill for GLA? Thanks
  7. HI Linagpl, You are most welcome! Best of luck hunting for the best deal.
  8. Oh man! That sounds really sucky. But, my in laws got not much choice since their current vehicle gotta be scrapped by June and they didn't mind getting the 'old' model at a good price.
  9. Hi hi, We went to the showroom with my younger bro the past weekend and we got a deal as follows: $164888 less $15200 (Scrap for old bm 3 series) $800 (insurance rebate) $15500 (special stock list rebate) So, effectively, if my brother gets this from CC then we're getting it only at $133888. With the other freebies too long to type out Maybe you wanna reconsider getting from C&C
  10. Was told that likely to be last quarter of the year. Hence in law took the current model and will change to the 'new', 'new' model in 7 yrs time
  11. Hi All, I have 1 last set (Coat, Bag + the extension) to let go at $158. RRP at MB Boutique is $360+, which I wrongly see as $260+ Do PM me if keen. Self collect at Sgoon or Cityhall area.
  12. HI HappyB180, Tough luck. If your COE hasn't been secured. Confirm can change model. Only depends on your SE whether they wanna help you do the extra paperworks not. But, like what above bro mention, you can check thru onemotoring.com to confirm if your SE smoked you or not regarding the securing of your COE. Good luck.