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  1. I intend to sell my 4 years plus Mercedes Car. Any bros here knows who should i sell it to for a better price or have experience in this. Thank you
  2. Bought from China and wanted to change my C Class W205 model with the Diamond Grille CLA look..However did not install at workshop as my wife don't like me to modify, Now selling cheap at just $120..Keen drop me a private msg
  3. Recently my C class of under 2 years started to have this water dripping sound under my car after every ride when i switch off my engine. It lasted for about a min or so.. Told the issue to my workshop but they cannot find any problems with my car.. Wonder if this is a usual sound issue for any of you guys? Have lots of other sound issues with my car... Wiper making noise, Rubber trim on car door squeaky etc... Kinda disappointed as this issue started a month of riding... but i had since lived with it...
  4. Bought from China and wanted to change my C Class W205 model with the Diamond Grille CLA look..Now selling cheap at just $120..Keen drop me a private msg
  5. Recently, notice few times, but not everytime... when after driving and park my car... when i open my car door, could smell very strong ammonia or rotten egg smell around the air outside my Merc C W205 class.. at 1st i thought is the car park drain behind my car.. then 2 mins later.. the smell was gone.. i ignored it ... but it happened again... had these smell come out 3 - 4 times in 2 months.. is it of any concern..
  6. i had 2 problems with my Merc that is less than 9 months old. The wiper arm and blade judder and give out quite loud noise when wiping the windscreen during raining. Actually this problem started when i collected my car. Am quite confused, cos my car is still new. I tried to spray rain repellent solution on my windscreen, it help a bit.. but after swiping for 5-10 mins, the juddering n vibration of my wiper starts again...So i replaced it with a brand new Wiper, but the problem persist just with lesser noise.. Sent to my parallel importer authorized repair shop.. they said nothing can be done and just brush it off by saying my windscreen is dirty, but i already clean it so thoroughly.. 2nd problem, recently i noticed after my 1st car servcing done, i had notice a strange smell coming out from my air con vent, it smell like petrol. The smell is most obvious when i pump petrol or when i start my car engine. Then the smell vanish after driving for a while. I cant really be 100% sure if it is really petrol smell.. but it smell like Vanilla Liquor Smell... I sent my car to the technician, and he say there is no leakage and nothing is wrong.. Any experience bros around that have similiar experience or expert in this. Very much appreciated..
  7. Not sure if it fit.. but the manufacturer of this front grille said it fit W205 latest C Class model... Selling at $300
  8. Recently bought this from overseas. Intended to fit it into my Mercedes W205 C Class front Grille to make it look like diamond grille .. However never fitted as my wife dont like the idea.. haha.. selling off to any bros who is keen..
  9. PI just arrange to change my touchpad..
  10. PM U.. will report it to CASE soon since i am so feedup with their unprofessionalism.. All the while, i don't know it is touch responsive n has been using the circular button to navigate my command-on-line system... Expecting me to pay for the faulty unit..
  11. Just bought a new Merc C 4 months ago, however the touchpad is not working properly as it cannot detect finger movements. Is it usually covered in the warranty? Dealer seem to be playing hide n seek with me n delaying to replace it for me.. what should i do?
  12. Anyone has the same problem with me, my 4 months old Touchpad is not working properly, it is not responsive to any finger touch at all, only the buttons are working. Any idea if it is covered in warranty since my car is just 4 months old.. Bought it from PI. Authorized service center told me to replace the spoilt unit... is it a software issue or hardware issue?
  13. I remember once, i use my hand to press and bang a bit on the inner section, sometime the sound gone... i believe something is a bit lose...
  14. Shell 98. Can try Esso 98 next time n see any difference..