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  1. installed the GT grille, a new look for the coming new year.
  2. SC are able to re-adjust the beeping interval frequency accordingly to distance, but this job is linked with all the sensor of the car, eg front sensor will also be adjusted. it will be quite annoying when you are stuck in the jam, cos i will be beeping unless you really keep a 2 meter car length when you are in a jam
  3. prefer to have some contrast on it =)
  4. just got my new shoes 2 days ago =)
  5. Greeting across the border from JB. upgraded to 19 and i am loving it =)
  6. Hi all sifus, Owner of W205 C250 AMG across the border (JB). Nice to be in this forum. Hope to learn more about W205 infos in this forum. Cheers
  7. Hi guys, I am from across the border, Malaysia. Just booked a W205 and still waiting for the car to deliver. Happy to join this club and hope to learn more from you guys. Cheers