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  1. That workshop didn’t diagnose your car properly. Please go to one with the proper licensed Xentry to get your car properly check. I suspect problems are not from your Air flow sensors. Those China OBD always throw out air flow sensors faulty codes. You can go to Trendy Automotives, look for Uncle Tony to settle for you.
  2. Upper Thomson which workshop? Find one who really know how to do the proper diagnosis for you! I also kana the same as you when I go to those so called experience workshop. Kns! Ask me to replace all my absorbers & the air compressor too. At the end of the day, I only need to replace the compressor Block Valve. you can go to Trendy Automotives. Look for Uncle Tony to have your car properly diagnose with his licensed Xentry.
  3. Latest updates: me kena this ESP & Run flat prob too. after Diagnostics turns out that the ESP Internal fault Gonna cost me within $2k range 😓😓😓
  4. hi, apparently thread starter is not replying here. But he’s still posting on the cars they does daily so funny 🤣🤣🤣 threadstarter by remaining silent meaning? the next thing gonna happen will be threads been deleted 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Boss, you’re not wrong in wanting how your ride to be customized or Tune. Since you’ve already read up so much, I believed you’ve already did your homework & due diligence. So let’s hope your ride will be Tune to your expectation & not be like those sad affected owners who got no one to turn to rather than go back to this Tuner every 2-3 Days to solve the never ending problems.
  6. i have heard and read about failed cases, shall assume these owners have done their homework, and make an informed decision to proceed with tuning; therefore it is better to let those affected manage their cases and/or grievances individually with the tuner. Then please ask the Tuner not to over promise on what can be done & can’t. Tuner asked owners go decat their Exhausts & CEL surfaces tuner can’t even handle simple CEL issues surfaced from the nox sensor. Ask owner say put adapter for the nox sensor & problem will be solved. But still CEL there, does the Tuner know how to Tune Mercs in the first place. how you know the affected owners didn’t go approach the Tuner. Of coz they did. if the Tuner make you go to & fro 3-4 times a week but still can’t get problem solve. I don’t think you won’t get fed up The Tuner is buying time only You’re not one of the affected owners whose car got screwed up by this Tuner. thats why you’re saying this. If you’re one of the affected owners, I wonder if you’ll still say all this yes there maybe successful cases but only lasted for 2 weeks then it’s either power drop or problem surfaces i will suggest that you engage the tuner to get clarity to your queries, public forum does not seems to be the right avenue to apply "pressure", and in my opinion it does look like flaming since it appears that you have concluded there are "problems" with the tuning procedures adopted. i trust that you have the stats and info with you, so the next best thing is to visit the tuner and seek clarification. Engage the Tuner & seek clarification for? If the Tuner can’t even answer simple question ask here. Then for wat? if there were indeed refunds, that could also mean tuner probably has acknowledged there were gaps and took responsibility, hope you take into consideration there were successful cases too, it is not a situation where 10 cars gone for tuning and the 10 all have their engines busted. i believe the folks in this forum are grown adults. Do you think they able to get back full refunds? And FYI not all. Some chose to give up. This Tuner is lucky. Of coz folks here are grown adults, if they’re hooligans, they would’ve gone Down to tore this Tuner workshop apart when he screwed their cars
  7. Well don’t have to be puzzled, just be upfront with your Tuning procedures & be transparent. I’m not a technical guru too. whatabout the handful of Mercedes Bros here Tuned by Threadstarter & full of problems which I’ve already stated in my earlier thread. Site admin has told me they’ve deleted my thread cos the threadstarter complained that it’s a flaming thread. So very simple if he can explain on all the Mercedes probs done by him those that I’ve mentioned enough Liao. if there’s no problem with his Tuning, why are those affected owners asking refunds from him thread starter is lucky. Not all the owners are nasty. Some simply gave up. Some managed to get refunds & moved on Pardon me for my English all the owners I’ve stated are all true life accounts.
  8. Boss, this is Mercedes forum leh. your odyssey stuffs don’t quite applies here thanks. have a good weekend
  9. Well it’s better to be transparent on the results. Power Sustainability, Reliability & Safety Well my earlier post on those affected cars got deleted. It’s ok
  10. Boss Ron, wait I upgrade to W204 then I come buy from you 🤣🤣🤣
  11. Wah you ask him trade in to tyre shop like commuting suicide sia Think tyre shop will only take in all from you @ $100 only cos they still have to do installation for customers Bro, I suggests you Price them @ $50 per pcs for quick sale ba if you think what I've mentioned are unreasonable Good luck in your Sales then
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