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  1. not sure if we are same page here but as a matter of fact i didnt call him a loser, just my thought ya~ i dont look down on people driving any other brand cars, just a simple expectation of everyone to respect each other actually~ owning a bigger car isnt any sin, i just like it~ besides i'm awared that i did not block any traffic, thats the pissed part~
  2. i have had worst, drove in for gas on a crowded sun and i wanted a right sided pump so i waited. 2 cars passed me with no issue then a lefty pump was available but i didnt want and this loser - ang mo with local woman in a nissan stopped beside showing unhappiness but drove into the lefty pump and i ignored. my turn into the right pump, i parked and came out. couldnt get over it, i asked him - you were saying something~? then he started going loud on me saying i was blocking the way... i was like - if i were blocking the way, how the hell did you & 2 other cars drove passed me!? so our voices were pretty loud across both pumps i guess then finally you know what~? he said to me, you driving your daddy's car... i was laughing inside and didnt wanna waste time on such pathetic sour white grape and just told him to shut his trap~ i didnt realised driving bigger cars at my age was like a sin or something, especially here in sg~ so in all, i'm not surprised there are sour smell everywhere~ maybe they ought to setup kiosks for mercs only huh...
  3. i only need like 10secs per wheel for my 2 tones V8 and its common courtesy to shift car away once done~
  4. i feel the 3s & 5s are more HL~ the 7s are much friendlier~
  5. maybe i get to pay less if i replace a "smaller" badge~?
  6. another case - having gas stop along east coast road on a hot noon at a station with workshop, went in to ask for an ac gas top up. young chap asked what car, i pointed this front car. he said wait huh, he needs to check. came out with "looked-like senior" and said, sorry we dont have this kind of gas~ no point talking i said thanks and drove to next door gas station. winded window down asked if they have ac gas for "this" car. they replied, "what gas u talking about huh?" i said, "not sure, next door told me it needs special gas" they smiled replied have, "$40 u ok?" sure, whatever. rather than wasting time driving to crazy traffic industrial area for ac gas. parked car, opened bonnet. this time same 2 mechs trying to figure out how to fix gas valve and connected in 3mins. then came along workshop boss, this time 3 of them checking engine bay and said "how come this engine so different~?" mech called me over trying his luck to tell me "how come your fan not moving?" told him this car has 3 fans, the big fan is always spinning and other 2 will only spin intermitent when required~ boss went around car check badge and went to them saying "ya, this car is different one~" in this short 30mins, i was thinking in my years with cars i have always thought there is only 1 type~ or maybe i am wrong~
  7. i'd like to but didnt wanna shame merc brand~
  8. had some time and passed by sin ming autocare, drove around to check out shops for a tail light change~ came across a shop L2 with many mercs, asked if they are available light change but seemed like all was out except a mech~ walked around checking my car and asked if my badge was fake!? i was dumb and asked him back, what do you mean~? then he peeped at my tax label and said, waaa~ funny way to do biz huh~?
  9. how u guys calculate huh~? s420 - 90L/650km
  10. maybe most have seen this but try watching this full blast when u get into your "klasse" in the morning~ kinda makes my day nicer~ enjoy cute klasse babes in klasse huh~ notice why mercedes never shoot driving benz & overtaking cars~? bcoz we got klasse~? didnt know mercedes also into light trance music~ usually classy musical rite~?
  11. nice~ well, for me: W123-(dunno what klasse), my dad was driving since my junior highschool~ the leather smell still haunts my nose today~ W126-sklasse, daily drove his 280se when i worked for my ex-boss~ W168-aklasse, my fiancee got her a160 when we met in tokyo which i had to hold her steering when she drives & parked for her~ W124-eklasse, got it when she decided to come back sg with me~ W140-sklasse, getting prepare if i need to fit 2 baby carseats with in-laws~ hehe.. more stories anyone~?
  12. sharing an interesting mercedes s-klasse history~ http://youtu.be/vBWFL50KxOE
  13. should this weights be stick on inner wheels~? or me being ripped off for cheap rubbers which needed so much balances huh~?
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