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  1. Selling a used set of front 6 pots AMG C63s brakes. Complete with brake pads, brake lines n 390mm discs. U will need minimum 19* wheels to clear. Have send the calipers for cleaning n discs have been skimmed. Clean set n ready to bolt on. Fits W205 / W213 / GLCs White elephant in my store. Interested pls sms or watsapp 94573080. Open to swap with interesting things. Rims / Watches etc
  2. Selling a complete set of C63s brakes from 2018 W205 with 1000miles. Front and rear set complete. Why go for C43 when u can have these? They are original with QR quotes. I sell only original items. Not a reseller unlike others here. Ready for collection. Sms me 94573080.
  3. Rear brakes sold. Only left the front BBK.
  4. Selling a set of W205 C63s front brakes. Car clocked 1000miles before the kit was removed. It’s a direct bolt on for W205 Sedan or C205 coupe. Should fit W213 n GLC too. The discs are 390mm not the usual 360mm found in the normal C63. Thus need 19’ rims to clear. Kit includes calipers, brake pads, brake discs n brake lines. Selling S$3500 cash n carry. Ready for collection. Sms or Watsapp me at 94573080.
  5. U guys better put down the year of make. C180 W204 brakes doesn’t confirm fit C180 W205 etc etc
  6. Selling a complete set of AMG Line Big Brake Kit. Front Left n Right Discs, calipers, brake pads n brake lines. Item Is SOLD.
  7. What brand/make is ur rims? How old are the tyres?
  8. Monster Tune Piggy Back ECU meant for C200 only - S$800 W205 / C205 bonnet in white - S$1K W205 / C205 AMG Line rear diffuser in white - S$250 W205 / C205 AMG Line suspension ( 15000 km ) - S$600 W205 / C205 AMG Line front 4 pot complete ( 15000 km ) - S$2K SMS watsapp 94573080 to deal
  9. Selling one unit of W205 C Class bonnet in white. Good condition ready to install. Buyer to arrange transportation. Selling S$1K. SMS 94573080.
  10. Brakes ready for viewing at SK Garage now. Pls contact me at 9457 3080
  11. Presently on a C205 coupe. Should fit sedans too. Plenty of meat left as per picture. Offers to 94573080. pls offer sensibly as this is proper Mercedes option, not your Made in Taiwan etc parts.
  12. Hi is it brand new? Else what’s the mileage clocked? Any receipt to trace ownership/shop?
  13. W205/C205 have?
  14. Hi, I have posted the price on my own listing. Kindly search for it. Thx
  15. W205 / C205 models Selling a pair of CF wing mirrors. Proper replacement unit as seen in picture. Bought for my ride but Wife disallow installation. Brand new. Ready for collection. Pls check fitment. Watsapp or sms 94573080. Selling S$250.
  16. Hi, maybe u can contact benzline n enquire? I’m no expert in this field.
  17. Selling a complete set of 4pcs of suspensions and springs. Very good condition. Removed from Low mileage C205 AMG Line. Will fit W205 C180/C200 also. Clearing at S$500. SMS or watsapp 94573080. Self collect pls.
  18. Is it me.... or.... u guys know what size rims are the tyres meant for?