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  1. Hi Can anyone share if i can just go down to cycle and carriage to purchase the above? is it hard to remove the r171 one in replacement of the short r231 one? will reception badly compromised as i have smarttop installed in my remote?
  2. Bro thanks for the recommendation. OWS is amazing and it solved 90% of my rattling issue. The only problem now is on low speed, i could still hear the plastic noise. i suspect it could be from the plastic cover inside the boot. Mine doesn't come with auto folding mirror no centre button. anyway to retrofit?
  3. Tks bro for all the tips Where can i buy the OWS body flex gel
  4. Hi guys Can i know where you guys install and bought your smart top for remote control of roof and windows? Thanks
  5. Hi I am a new owner of a 2010 R171. 1) Is it common for the roof to have rattling sound, especially when at lower speed below 60km/h? 2) I am thinking of changing the current hard top to one with a glass roof. Is there such a retrofit available? Any price? 3) Lastly, i don't seem to find a button to fold the side mirrors. No way to do it other than manual? Thanks for all your advice and hope to join you guys for future gatherings soon. Cheers
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