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  1. Yeah, on paper, that's the procedure..publicly Practically, it's not as simple, unfortunately.
  2. Wow, good luck bro. AMG line, self importing is the way to go.
  3. Just sharing... If you encounter loud annoying 1 to 2 secs of Rattling sound (Clack clack clack) the minute you start the engine, you probably have a faulty Camshaft Adjuster. It was a common issue on Pre-FL W212 and yet the issue still exist on FL W212 (2014~). Please take note.
  4. Groovy or Tailor, I have both on different cars. They are the same product. Good to have, especially the recent LTA rules disallowing privacy Rear Glasses. But, if you travel into Malaysia often, a bit laychey because you need to remove all just for the checkpoint custom gantry. Driver side I kana a few laychey time when need to slot in the cash card at some old or faulty entry gantries.
  5. RIP That's why I've always hate the Auto lock function
  6. Well, not very difficult. Just troublesome. LTA does provide info on Self-Importing calculations. Will have to write a long message just to share my experience though.. If you are interested, I can PM you. There are Pros and Cons on DIY. Its all about how you take it. Mainly, 3 things on DIY: TRUST CASH WARRANTY In the end, I paid lesser COE (in terms of payout after deducting from the total savings) I got a higher PARF with higher OMV
  7. Identical situation before my purchase. In the end, I chose to DIY. Best Saving option ever..
  8. I think nowadays it is very competitive in terms of parts/lubricants/labour prices comparing with workshops that handles cars that includes Merz. But if I want any of them to provide a warranty/extended warranty, the prices are going to be set at a premium, like Insurance. I think they would 1st tie me down to only goes back to them for every services, including minor ones, and I would have to pay for whatever prices they charged. Same goes to C&C I think. They will have to profit for future $0 replacement claim.
  9. Just to share this info... Managed to get some pictures on the manufacturer defect. They are commonly called the "Water Pump". I presumed this has yet being listed for Recall. Anyway, the defect comes from the Plastic level bracket. Breaks due to material or constant exposure to high heat (as it is located next to the exhaust). Symptoms: Coolant leakage I was told that a few has already "claimed under warranty". You guys might just want to check the floor for signs of coolant after you left the car parked for a while. I was also being informed that this defect only applies to the earlier production batch. The new Coolant pump will have an additional stopper bracket to prevent the leak.
  10. Just to share For those who are unaware.. www.imoney.sg/articles/whats-the-true-cost-of-car-ownership-in-singapore/
  11. Well, the LTA Web indicates what are the payables at each stage. Pretty standard. I decided to purchase from C&C will mean going against my comfort zone.... I.e. full Risk or don't risk at all AND pay more or save as much as possible. Tedious part, which PI will need to be paid will be the procedures and going thru all paperwork with LTA including homologation etc. Went thru the process with the car sitting at home for months is a real pain... See it everyday but can't use it. Source it, buy it, follow the registration procedures as stated in the LTA web, that's it.
  12. I chose Merz bcos of its Reliability. Owned W121, W211 and now W212 FL.. Previous 2 were C&C. Self-imported this one. I realized 18 years of E-Class from C&C did not benefit me. Have been paying C&C "premium" car price plus their "premium" servicing price just to keep them warrantied. Afterall, did not claim anything from C&C for 18 years. Hence, took a turn towards self-importing it this time. Fingers crossed from now.. I don't think it is a matter of worth. And I think its never worth owning a car in Singapore anyway.
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