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  1. Hi Ricky, mine is W212 FL, YOM is end 2014, with Audio 20. 1 USB port inside the center armrest glove compartment. Can?
  2. Apple Carplay for W212 FL on Audio 20 possible? Pls PM quote if yes and how much?
  3. Haha, I have the same problem when people call me on the phone. I had to shout and the other party asked me why am I so agitated!
  4. Hi Keltanky This did not occur only lately. Been observing since I collected the car 2 yrs back and noticed the difference in noise insulation. You see, noise insulation during normal driving on sunny days or slight drizzle is good and quiet. Just surprised that when it rains hard, its like driving in a tin-can!!?! Not sure if this is common in our W212 models be it pre-FL or FL model. Did this "feature" get carried over to the new W213? Any bros here with similar experience in W213 also?
  5. Hi Catfish Wonder if the Merc is thiner at the roof? Its quite irritating especially during heavy rain, its so noisy I had hard time trying to maintain a conversation. Wife or not is not the matter here..... haha
  6. Hi all E-Class Kakis I drive a W212FL E-class bought brand-new from C&C in 2015. I realised that whenever we have heavy downpours in Singapore, when I drive on the road, the pattering sound of the rain is very loud against the roof of the car. Now, I used to drive BMW 5 series, 3 Series and even Volvo XC90 and I never had this experience before. It sounds like the large rain drops hitting on empty zinc roof or tin-cans. I didn't expect to experience this as I expect Merc to be quite quiet in the cabin be it rain or shine. It's really noisy and even my wife felt that its the rain pattering is noisier than the BMWs or Volvo or even the Jap car we had yons back. Does anyone experience the same? What did you do to ratify it? Thanks in advance, all kakis for reading and responding.
  7. Bro, do you have original used AMG rims for fitting on W212FL (E-Class). Can PM me w price for consideration?
  8. If you want to park on the right, just switch on the turn signal to the right and the right parking detection arrow will show when there is an available lot on the right. Hope this helps. Eric
  9. Hi Bros My W212FL is due for 45,000KM servicing. Wanted to know what are the things I should ask them to check for and replace under warranty? And what are the servicing or parts to only change outside and not C&C. E.g. Air Filter, Aircon Cabin filter, battery, brake pads? Wanted to avoid being chopped by them! Thanks in advance for any advise. Eric
  10. What about the Steering Wheel - carbon fibre center part (Carbonrevo). Also sticker on? I want to do that too!!!!
  11. Planning to but it's weekend. They are not open and just wanted to know if it's anything serious and what could be wrong? Anyone encountered this before?
  12. Hi all I have the same problem this morning. It say "auxiliary battery malfunction" in the dashboard. After I click 'OK' everything returns to normal but parktronic and brake hold functions are not available. Any help is most appreciated. Car is W212 Avantgarde, still under warranty. Thanks bros