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  1. Can consider where i go because I find the boss is quite experience and his attitude is very gd. So far I've finally resolved my jerking issue and he was ok to let me trial and error with the parts and pay only when the problem is resolved. I don't rem his workshop name but its a workshop within the Shell Petrol station along bukit timah road. You can call him directly to ask: Richard: 9838 9819 cheers.
  2. The boss mentioned that whatever can be checked was checked thus the conclusion of the faulty ECU. Till now I am still facing this issue. Another bro here commented he faced similar issue and problem was due to the injectors issue. I am planning to discuss with the boss again to check through these two parts. Hope to have it resolved! Thanks for your advice.
  3. I've changed the mounting at the last servicing which was 100km. I guess thats the reason the boss did not consider that might be the fault? I guess i will ask him to check my mountings again. It's bothering me for the past few weeks.... Thanks for the advice!
  4. Hi Guys, I am driving a W204 pre-facelift model. Recently I noticed that the car jerks/vibrates intermittently while stationery or engine is idling. The RPM showed some fluctuation when this happen. Send the car to my usual workshop and a few stuff where replaced (spark plugs, air flow meter) but still the problem persisted. The boss suspect that it might be the ECU that is faulty but he advised me to send to C&C for a 2nd opinion as its rather costly to have it replaced. Just like to check if anyone had encountered such issue before and if so, what was the solution done to rectify this? The boss was telling me if there is no safety issue (as he sees it), I should probably try to ignore it to save $$. Any advice or recommendation will be greatly appreciated. cheers, Tellmiwhy
  5. Thanks. Gd day to all of you. cheers, CSS
  6. Hi everyone, Gotten my c180 (2009 registered) about 5 months back. nice to meet all of you. Belated merry x'mas and a joyous New Year to all of you! cheers. CSS
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