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  1. Hi, Thanks for your recommendation, appreciate you can give me their address. Cheers Sunny
  2. Hi, Many thanks for your recommendation. I have to give it a pass as I have never drive so far up. Cheers Sunny Tang
  3. Hi All Bros and Sis, Gong Xi Fa Cai! My old W140 S280 1992 needed a good overhaul as I intend to keep for another 5 to 10 yrs. Appreciate recommendations on workshop / mechanics who are good at servicing this car at a reasonable rate in Singapore or JB. Many thanks in advance. Cheers Sunny Tang
  4. Hi all the Benz Experts, I seek for your advise. I need to touch up both the interior and exterior of my 20 years old benz, I would appreciate you can tell me where can I get in Singapore or I can order overseas. My engine is in perfect conditions but need to change e.g. wind screen, windows, lights cover etc...... Thanks in advance. Cheers Sunny
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