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  1. how much is the damage for the body kit?
  2. can shell card can enjoy, just visited them just now.
  3. for my merc i never use parking brake all along unless really more than 30 degree slope. or else, i just park the car in "P" in gear mode and then close the door. full stop, maybe u all can learn from me haha.
  4. but if travel at 90km/h is not considering road hogging at lane 1 right?
  5. i looking at tung lok one can pm me thanks
  6. mine fuel consumption is about 7.8-8.4Litres/Km, i do expressway 70, city 30. i seldom rev alot, just that when going off i tend to rev to about 3500RPM for my FLc180k
  7. confirm the SE will try to fight the case by saying the bus park illegally
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